ceph nautilus

  1. t.lamprecht

    Upcoming Ceph 14.2 Nautilus EOL with 07/2021

    Friendly reminder that Ceph Nautilus is going EOL in July 2021, with only one final release (14.2.22) currently planned. If you still run a Ceph 14.2 Nautilus setup, we recommend planning an upgrade in the upcoming weeks or months to Ceph 15.2 Octopus, which at the time of writing is the newest...
  2. P

    First PVE Cluster w/Ceph, Template Full Clone issue.

    What am I doing wrong? "qm clone 9000 100 --name dev-master1 --full 1 --storage vmrbd" only cloned the cloudinit Returns "create full clone of drive ide2 (vmrbd:vm-9000-cloudinit)" The Cloud init image is cloned, and exists in the rbd storage, but no image clone. Steps I used to create the...
  3. P

    ProxMox 6 Ceph Nautilus Pool Setup

    There is a person on you tube that has made a few nice tutorials about ProxMox Ceph setup. The latest video for ProxMox 6 and Ceph Nautilus is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgliWaOfvsA The ProxMox 5.1 Ceph Luminous tutorial recommended separate pools for VMs and CTs, the current tutorial for...
  4. I

    Ceph Speicherverbrauch ist falsch

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe 3 Node Cluster mit je 3 OSD in jedem dieser Nodes. Meine Ceph Version ist: 14.2.1 (9257126ffb439de1652793b3e29f4c0b97a47b47) nautilus (stable). Der Pool hat Replica 3/2 mit 128pg. Sobald ich eine VM aus einem Backup, das auf einem NFS Share liegt, herstelle zeigt der...
  5. grin

    [pve6] ceph lumi to nautilus guide problem: Required devices (block and data) not present for bluest

    # ceph-volume simple scan stderr: lsblk: /var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-2: not a block device stderr: Bad argument "/var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-2", expected an absolute path in /dev/ or /sys or a unit name: Invalid argument Running...
  6. C

    CEPH inaccurate OSD count displayed

    I have had this issue for a while now, and after upgrading to Proxmox 6 and the new Ceph it is still there. The problem is that the Ceph Display page shows that I have 17 OSD's when I only have 16. It shows the extra one as being down and out. (Side note, I do in fact have one OSD that is down...
  7. M

    Estimate for Debian Buster and PVE 6

    Now that Debian has finally announced a release date for Buster, how much work remains before we get PVE 6 and more importantly Ceph Nautilus? Is the first release going to include any substantial changes to ProxMox itself or mostly just upgrading everything to Debian Buster? Given how long...


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