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    Ubuntu ARM on Intel host?

    I've read snippets here and there that there is a way to install the Ubuntu ARM version on a Proxmox host running Intel Xeon chips. E5-2690 to be exact. I cannot find anything that confirms this or shares what virtual CPU I should be using when trying to install such an OS. Can anyone share...
  2. P

    arm64 support

    very good morning or night depending on where you read this!! I am trying to run an arm operating system but I see that there is no arm support so I looked for information with qemu-system-arm and qemu-system-aarch would have support for arm within proxmox the problem is that if I install those...
  3. A

    Custom container templates database for arm64

    Hello here! I am totally aware that this is an unsupported configuration, I hope that anyone can answer anyway. Goal: Show arm64 based templates for containers in the GUI with the direct links Using proxmox-port I set up pve on a raspberry pi 3, with the goal of testing out various HA setups...
  4. S

    How to convert qemu statment to proxmx conf format

    Hi all, I am running an arm version of Proxmox (I know, not supported :-) ) I have the following qemu statement that successfully runs the openwrt vm from the provided image. qemu-system-aarch64 -m 512 -nographic -cpu cortex-a72 -smp 1 -M virt -bios...
  5. I

    Emulating a cortex-a72 img file

    Hi all, I’ve only just recently discovered proxmox & was wondering, I have a backup of my raspberry pi images (like CrowPi2, TwisterOS etc) can I start those .img files as a VM with proxmox? If so, is there a process I need to follow. I’ll be running proxmox on x86-64 hardware. Thanks in advance.
  6. J

    ARM64 auf PVE 6.4-6

    Hallo, ich habe eben nach dieser Anleitung versucht, eine ARM64-VM zu erstellen und darin Debain 9 zu installieren. Beim Start erhalte ich diesen Fehler: qemu-system-aarch64: -drive if=pflash,unit=1,format=raw,id=drive-efidisk0,size=67108864,file=/dev/hdd1/vm-119-disk-1: The sum of offset (0)...
  7. X

    proxmox on arm64

    Dear all: In recent years, with the development of arm in the field of server, everyone is very concerned about the progress of proxmox in this field. I have seen some old posts and I understand your company's ideas. But the actual situation is that some companies or individuals...
  8. W

    Unable to boot ARM64/AARCH64 FreeBSD

    I have had success previously with creating and running ARM64 images (despite being slow). This is what I do normally (can't find the exact sources on the forum but all props to previous users!): Set `arch: aarch64` in config Set bios to OVMF Set display to serial0 Change all disks/drives to...
  9. P

    Few questions about ARM64

    Hello, Is it possible to install proxmox ve 5.3.2 on ARM architecture ? Is it possible to emulate for example Windows 10 ARM64 on proxmox ve 5.3.2 ? Thanks in advance,
  10. M

    [SOLVED] ARM64 VM emulation on Proxmox 5.3 AMD64

    Hello everyone! Proxmox 5.3 added support for emulating ARM virtual machines (experimental). Anybody tried to create and run ARM-based VM using latest Proxmox 5.3? If so, can you share VM configuration file? Thanks in advance!


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