1. S

    [SOLVED] Internal web site VM:80 Not working from outside

    Hi Guys , i would like to get acces to local vm from outside exemple sub.domaine.com ==> proxmox-VM LOCAL-IP-3:80 , I made some config on my external apache proxy as you can see : EXTERNAL APACHE PROXY (Public IP -178.xx.xx.xx) : /etc/apache2/sites-available/...
  2. T

    Accessing web service running inside container

    Hello. I've run into a problem with my container, namely that I cannot access the Apache2 service running inside it. I'm running Proxmox on an ARM virtual machine that is being hosted under Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. I used these two tutorials...
  3. V

    task apache2 blocked for more than xyz seconds

    Hallo zusammen, auf einem von mehreren webservern bekomme ich diese Fehlermeldung: task apache2 blocked for more than 120 seconds Der Webserver war vorher ein Ubuntu Server und ist jetzt ein neu installiertes Debian 12. Der Webserver war vorher auf der einen Node, jetzt auf einer anderen Node...
  4. D

    Can port forward to some guests, not others (?)

    Hi, I don't post on forums often (maybe three times in my entire life) so forgive me if I get something wrong here, but I'm trying to host a website from my home network. I have a turnkey Linux LAMP container installed and running. The server works great, but is only accessible on my local...
  5. J

    access webinterface/vnc via apache reverse proxy / load balancer, novnc ws connection failing

    Hello, I have 3 nodes (alpha, beta, gamma) that I am trying to access via a reverse-proxy with a balancer, the idea being that if one node goes down, the balancer will select another node automatically. I am using apache2 as the reverse proxy. I got the web-interface working, but when using the...
  6. E

    Proxying Proxmox With Apache?

    Hi, I'm trying to proxy proxmox with apache to my website as a subdirectory, as I cannot create a subdomain. Is there any way to do this? I'm new to apache so I am unsure of how to do this myself. I've used ProxyPass and Proxypassreverse but many parts of the web interface are broken.
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Can't access apach2 Ubuntu Default Page using DDNS FQDN

    I currently have an ubuntu LXC installed on my proxmox server in order to setup a nextcloud service. In order to do this I am following this learnlinux youtube guide here. At 5:09 the guide mentions changing the hostname and hosts to include my ddns or domain name. I have done the same and I...
  8. T

    Most Performance on a VPS-VM witout Intel_KVM - for Obversium Monitoring

    Hey Guys n Lads, Like the Topic sais, I'd like to know how I would get out the most performance when I disable the KVM hardware virtualization on a VM. I normally only work with containers, but I would like to install https://www.observium.org/ on my machine an that seems to be impossible...


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