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  1. Start VM at boot on Concurrent blocks

    Thanks Wolfgang, so max_workers seto for example to 4 make also 4 replication at time ?
  2. Start VM at boot on Concurrent blocks

    Is it possibile to start VM at boot on blocks of N vm ? like 10 vm concurrents ? Thanks
  3. How to check if replication fails

    I wold like to develop a Pushover notification, please where do you recommend to start? Thanks
  4. How to check if replication fails

    Hello, what is the right way to check and be advised if a replication process fail or stuk Thanks!
  5. How to increase "max locked memory" (ulimit -l) on a LXC container ?

    Hello, How to increase "max locked memory" (ulimit -l) on a LXC container ? Thanks!
  6. CERT error changing node ip address

    I havn't rebooted ( now i can't .. ) I have this problem only if i try to connect to it from a different node, if i connect direct to it, i can see all other nodes without error. I have done the update certs --force I have rebooted pveproxyand pvedaemon. Thanks!
  7. CERT error changing node ip address

    The cluster is OK, only the web pannel give me this error
  8. CERT error changing node ip address

    Hello, changing one node ip address, now i have this error on the chanded node: Error Connection error 596: tls_process_server_certificate: certificate verify failed I have tried pvecm updatecerts --force on this node, no errors but the certificate still fail.. Is it possible to solve in some...
  9. Testing large number of replicated VPS

    Hello, i'm testing large number of VPS replicated using the ZFS -R (recursion) option. I am noticing that over 90/100 VPS the incremental replication sometimes fails and i hav to reset all snapshot on recv server.. Have someone the same experience? What is the best way to syncronize two zfs...
  10. Witch 40G Card for a Omnios San Storage Setup ? ( ".. Solaris based platforms using Comstar. Tested on Omnios and Nexenta Store. For GUI use napp-it or Nexenta. -..) And in some posts..
  11. Witch 40G Card for a Omnios San Storage Setup ?

    Hello, I'd like to install a test cluster with shared iSCSI storage / SAN. I read that the recommended solution is to use it as storage Omnios/Comstar. Can anyone recommend an Omios compatible 40G QSFP+ network card? ( tested ) I'm reading Illumos compatibility list, but is not so reliable, i...
  12. Proxmox + Mellanox 3X 40G Poor bandwidth performance

    Hello, i'm testing the performance over two nodes connected by two Mellanox: MT26448 [ConnectX EN 10GigE, PCIe 2.0 5GT/s] (rev b0) On Proxmox 6 last version i have installed all pakages: apt-get install rdma-core libibverbs1 librdmacm1 libibmad5 libibumad3 librdmacm1 ibverbs-providers...
  13. pfSense gateway warning packet loss

    I Have exactly the same issue, have you solved in some way ? Thanks
  14. Witch Software to make a P2V?

    Hello, witchis the best software to do a Windows server P2V ? Thanks!


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