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  1. Add permission to user

    Hello, could revoke ? I need a user like PVEVMadmn but without: Migration Hardware modification Replication Options How can I revoke these permissions? ( Or can i crate a custom user permission... ) Thanks!
  2. Change Cluster Quorum

    Hello, i'm testing a 5 nodes cluster without HA, i need only replication and unified web interface. I would like to preservethe quorum and so not to have the shutdown of all not quorate VM although more than half of the servers dies. So my question is, can i modify the expected quorum on all...
  3. Can't access /etc/pve in failed cluster

    Hello, i have a failed 3 node cluster, two nodes are broken and all vm now are on the node 3. Now /etc/pve are not mounted and so i hav this error when i try to restart pvestatd: systemctl restart pvestatd Oct 04 09:28:37 stgvps pveproxy[1686]: /etc/pve/local/pve-ssl.key: failed to load local...
  4. Lost quorum in 3 node cluster

    Hello, i have a 3 node cluster, one node went offline tomorrow, and one more this morning. One is Broken but the second one come back onli9ne after reboot. Now the cluster ha no quorum ( Two nodes ). How can i do to restore the quorum on Two Nodes ? I hav tried: systemctl restart pve-cluster...
  5. Syslog: nf_conntrack: nf_conntrack: table full, dropping packet

    I Hav Intel Xeon CPU E5-2696 v2 @ 2.50GHz Now i hav checked IPMI event logs and i finded this: OEM CPLD CATERR - Asserted Googoling i found that it's a CPU Error... maybe it's a CPU hardware errorr ..
  6. Syslog: nf_conntrack: nf_conntrack: table full, dropping packet

    Yes, also to me .. now i hav done: sysctl -w net.netfilter.nf_conntrack_max=8388608 echo "net.netfilter.nf_conntrack_max=8388608" >> /etc/sysctl.conf But i think the reboot hav different origin .. may be this.. Oct 1 02:28:40 srvps1 kernel: [23240.406180] perf: interrupt took too long (6225 >...
  7. Syslog: nf_conntrack: nf_conntrack: table full, dropping packet

    Hello, on one of my server i see a lot of this message on syslog: nf_conntrack: nf_conntrack: table full, dropping packet and randmly the server reboot without other message...
  8. Dubt on Cluster Quorum

    Hello, i have a 6 nodes cluster. If i shut down 3 Nodes, replication stop working with message NO Quorum but i hav 3 survivors nodes. I thought the minimum number of nodes to have a quorum was 3 .. and so why don't I have a quorum if I die 3 knots out of 6? Thanks!
  9. Can't destroy LXC container "dataset is busy"

    Hello, when i try do destroy a LXC container i hav this error: TASK ERROR: zfs error: cannot destroy 'STORAGE/VM/LXC/subvol-133-disk-1': dataset is busy Thanks!
  10. How can limit hosted VPS outgoing UDP Flood ?

    Hello, what is the best way to limit UDP Flood generated from an hosted VPS ? Thanks!
  11. KVM Rate Limit doesn't work well

    Hello, i have tested rate limit on a KVM vps ( proxmox 5 last version ). It doesn't work on UDP flood. A single vps in my case, put down an entire machine.. Some ideas ? Thanks
  12. Can't stop LXC container

    Where can i Chack if is enabled ? Thanks
  13. Can't stop LXC container

    Hello, i can't stop a LXC container and if i try to modify the network: failed to open /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/veth133i0p/disable_ipv6 for writing: No such file or directory (500) The veth133i0p dir not exist. pvesm status is ok Thanks!


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