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    Node2 not run Blacklist Rule!

    What does `pmgcm status` say?
  2. William Edwards

    Proxmox MG in different networks Seriously though, do you have a specific question? Are you asking if it's possible?
  3. William Edwards

    unattended install

    Although installing PVE using the PVE ISO is usually preferred. Using a non-preferred installation method just to avoid having to spend a few minutes clicking 'Next' in the PVE installer is probably not a great idea.
  4. William Edwards

    Proxmox 5.x to 6.0 server down

    How is that possible? Do you not have any backups on another machine than your Proxmox machine?
  5. William Edwards

    Shared CEPH Storage unknown to some Cluster members

    Can you actually use the storage on those nodes? Or is it just pvestatd complaining?
  6. William Edwards

    Cluster over subnet mask

    I would use IPv6 :p (and probably not a VPN tunnel for cluster communication...).
  7. William Edwards

    [SOLVED] Update 6 to 7 - only ipv6 is available

    This is probably better suited for the "Proxmox VE: Networking and Firewall" forum.
  8. William Edwards

    Nextcloud VM Script Install

    Unless you can only reproduce this issue on a VM running on Proxmox VE, I think it would make more sense to ask this question on NextCloud's GitHub.
  9. William Edwards

    How to backup PVE/Ceph nodes

    Proxmox VE is pretty stateless when it comes to node-specific configurations. I think you'd be better off implementing configuration management.
  10. William Edwards

    Issue with moving .ovpn file to client

    That doesn't sound like a Proxmox issue.
  11. William Edwards

    The Need of subscription

    I think the pricing page at answers your question pretty well: In other words: yes, not having a subscription for testing is fine, because you don't need reliable software updates and security enhancements in that case. You may need technical help and...
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    PVE Admin Guide, chapter 5.9 No. Note that systems like Ansible don't remove keys if they don't explicitly have the 'absent' state. Also, you can add a file to OpenSSH's 'AuthorizedKeysFile' and do key management as usual there.
  13. William Edwards

    Python watchdog and proxmox gui

    If you let your watchdog handle events for all files in that directory, do you see temporary files? I think there's some cases where cp'd files aren't picked up.
  14. William Edwards

    Incremental message for PBS backup

    Ack all that. My point is: I think it's confusing for 'the average user'.
  15. William Edwards

    Incremental message for PBS backup

    I understand, and while that is technically true, I think the message is confusing from a practical standpoint :). See here the first question about this message:


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