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  1. Moving a cluster member/changing cluster member IP?

    Hi! I have a cluster with PMG, consisting of two nodes (both with community license). I'd like to move one of those nodes to a different location, which means changing the IP. The nodes are running in PVE, so no issues there, I will stop the VM, back it up, and restore it on the new PVE...
  2. Overrun by spammails coming from * with empty sender fields

    Exactly the same issue here (same sources, same domains). Following to see if there's a good solution, I've tried all the same things as you and no luck so far :( edit: fwiw, i reported a bunch of the ones that hit my users to Microsoft via their reporting form, but I doubt that'll really make...
  3. Any proper way to support Letsencypt in a cluster setup?

    I'm having the same problem/question right now, would love to see this properly integrated with PMG :)
  4. [SOLVED] Understanding prune options?

    Ah! Yep, that does indeed help. I read the docs, but I did not interpret that particular piece correctly, makes much more sense (and I guess that means my assumption on my misunderstanding was correct). Thanks for the clarification!
  5. [SOLVED] Understanding prune options?

    Hi! I am trying to figure out how the prune scheduling works a little better, since I am seeing some results I don't expect (and thus, I am not sure if this is a bug, or just my misunderstanding!). My schedule is: last: 1, hourly: 24, daily: 7, weekly: 4, monthly: 12, yearly: 1 My intention...
  6. tun: unexpected GSO type

    @R4PS yep, both the servers I see this issue on are running LXC containers along with VMs. It actually turns out that disabling the hardware offload stuff has not resolved the log messages (but there are definitely less of them). I did also recently see some strange behaviour that sounds sort...
  7. tun: unexpected GSO type

    I'm also seeing this issue for the last week or two (unsure exactly which update introduced it). I found some articles that mention it could be related to hardware offloading:
  8. [SOLVED] Backups time out and "crash" VMs?

    Nope, definitely the latest version of PBS too (and I actually rebooted after installing it this morning just to be absolutely certain nothing "old" was hanging around - and the PVE clusters rebooted too to ensure the right version of qemu everywhere). If I get some time over the weekend I'll...
  9. Restore VM encrypted doesn't work ?

    Ahh, that would be the issue - I am running pve-enterprise, 6.2-10 is the latest there I guess. I think I misunderstood which version has the fix. No problem, I can wait for 6.2-11 to be bumped to pve-enterprise :) proxmox-ve: 6.2-1 (running kernel: 5.4.44-2-pve) pve-manager: 6.2-10 (running...
  10. Restore VM encrypted doesn't work ?

    I see a different error while trying to restore encrypted virtual machines, but I'm not clear if it's related to this or not (I seem to be running version of code which should have this specific bug resolved, hence I'm not sure if it's the same, related, or entirely unrelated) :) new volume ID...
  11. [SOLVED] Backups time out and "crash" VMs?

    So, re-installing a new server seems to have "fixed" this - but I did also make one change. Previously the data store was over NFS, and now it's local to the PBS server on some directly attached disks (with ZFS as the filesystem). Is it possible that latency between PBS and the NFS server...
  12. [SOLVED] Backups time out and "crash" VMs?

    Nothing special at all, just standard PVE which has been running for many months with no issues at all. I have just removed all the PBS setup from my PVE clusters and have wiped the PBS machine, and am standing up a new "clean" server to act as a PBS server to rule out hardware/network issues -...
  13. [SOLVED] Backups time out and "crash" VMs?

    Hi! Trying out PBS, and having some issues backing up virtual machines consistently. Everything is upgraded to the latest (enterprise) editions of PVE, and I'm running the latest PBS (updated with apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade -y). When I try to create a backup, the following happens...
  14. [SOLVED] Replication with different target storage name

    Please add me to the list of users who would love to see this added too :)


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