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  1. Pve 7.2, Ceph Quincy missing dependencies

    Hello, Yes I edited the apt file on all 3 and installed ceph-adm and ceph-volume. Works now. Perhaps would be good to have this fixed though (if possible). Thanks, Chris
  2. Pve 7.2, Ceph Quincy missing dependencies

    Hi all, Upgraded all nodes to Pve 7.2, wanted to deploy a ceph cluster. I set up the cluster from the UI with version "17.2.0 Quincy". Installed managers and monitors on all 3 nodes, now adding an osd returns "binary not installed: /usr/sbin/ceph-volume". I noticed that the repository on the...
  3. Proxmox VE 6.3 available

    Is there any update on this? Having the cloud-init images located on rbd also breaks cloud-init (no longer gets applied). Moving the cloud-init image back to local storage fixes this.
  4. Ceph Cluster - loss of one host caused storage to go offline

    Sorry I misread! To me it looks like a problem with the crush rule you are using... Did you try to use the default one?
  5. Ceph Cluster - loss of one host caused storage to go offline

    Have you tried to up the min-size for your pools? I think the issue is that you have min-size set to 1, meaning only 1 copy of the data will be saved. Had the same issue some time ago with a test-pool and as soon as I set the min-size to 2, it wasn't an issue anymore.
  6. Prune seems to not work for entire Datastore

    Hi all, I love PBS, works so well. The only thing I am dealing with now is that the Prune options for Datastores does not seem to work. I have set a prune setting to keep the last 7 backups. However, when I go to the datastore I see VMs with 10 copies (backup runs daily). Prune + GC job is set...
  7. Ubuntu 20.04 - Cloud-Init only runs with full clone, not linked clone

    Sorry, I misspoke. I am indeed using ceph but with rbd. CephFS is where I host my iso’s.
  8. Ubuntu 20.04 - Cloud-Init only runs with full clone, not linked clone

    Hey, at the moment I am using a flash based ceph-storage (cephFS)
  9. Ubuntu 20.04 - Cloud-Init only runs with full clone, not linked clone

    Been working on this for over a day now. I am getting started with linked clones and cloud-init and I am having an issue with the first boot of linked clones. The cloud-init simply doesn't run at all if the vm is a linked clone. After the clone, I make sure to change the IP and such, then press...
  10. Proxmox Ceph - 10K SAS vs Entry-level SSD

    Hi all, I am currently using Ceph with the following constellation: - 2x DL360 Gen9, 1x DL380 Gen9 - 1x Xeon E5-2690 v3 - 128GB DDR4 ECC (2133 mhz) - 5 x Intel S4510 SSD as OSD - 4x10Gbps Uplink with LACP So, 3 nodes in total right now with a total of 15 OSD's. I have been handed an "old"...
  11. Performance issue Plex

    I have never used the LXC feature in Proxmox, ever only hosted VMs. But yeah for a VM you could also just passthrough the GPU to it. However, you would probably want 2 GPU's (one for VM, one for OS). Then passthrough the one for your VM. You then need to install the Nvidia drivers (either...
  12. Performance issue Plex

    You just need to add the plex repository and then install with apt. :) for me it has simplifed a lot of things, also since I use hw acceleration with gpu
  13. Performance issue Plex

    I would say you have too many cores assigned... It's a quad core cpu and you are leaving no cores for the hypervisor system, meaning that the hypervisor is fighting the vm for the cores. Any reason you don't just run plex directly on the proxmox host?
  14. Ceph goes down after adding second boot disk for mirror

    Hi all, I have a 3 node ceph cluster, consisting of HPE Gen9 servers. It's been running well since I set it up and I really enjoy the "no single point of failure" feature. Now, during the installation I was using some S3700 100gb drives for boot zfs mirrors, however for one of the hosts, I...
  15. PVE6 pveceph create osd: unable to get device info

    @Alwin Thanks for clearing that up. I think I will just leave it as it is, since the OSD's themselves are also SSD's.


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