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    Windows Server 2022 installation with VirtIO (Network and SCSI drive) ::: working

    Here is my solution in another thread with similar issue:
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    No Network Adapter in fresh Windows Server after Upgrade to Proxmox 7

    Hi people, I happened to have a customer who wants winSRV2k22 on proxmox. A bad idea in general, but that's just my 2¢. The first run was with the default settings, OVMF(UEFI), q35-6.1, Virtio Network adapter, ide hard disk drive. It failed miserably.The installation itself went smoothly, but...
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    Windows Server 2022 installation with VirtIO (Network and SCSI drive) ::: working

    Whatever I do or change, the Win2022 Server tells me that the cataloque entry is still being prepared for the network device. Tried it with all available card settings. The system: pve 7.1.10 the vm: 4vCPUs, 4GB, 200GB SSD, OVMF UEFI BIOS, pc-q35-6.0, e1000 Anybody any ideas? TiA
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    (v6) Unable to login (WebGui: root)

    It was too obvious, and I did. The solution was to remove and re-add the hostname of the unresponsive node in the DNS. Unfortunately there is a M$ based DNS as primary DNS server, while the secondary is a Linux server. The WinDNS Server expired the IP address for the node and sent the changes to...
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    Serverbackup mit Acronis (.pib-File) in Proxmox als VM importieren

    Clonezilla funkt meistens, aber nicht immer, besonders wenn es sich um sehr alte (z.B. SBS 2k3) oder sehr neue (SRV 2k19) mit "besonderer" Hardware handelt. Mit Acronis bin ich, besonders bei AD Controllern, reproduzierbar auf die Nase gefallen. Da funkt oft nicht einmal das Bare Metal Recovery...
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    Spice geht plötzlich nicht mehr

    Bei mir ist das Problem noch etwas größer: über Chrome/Chromium/... wird die .vv geholt, der Spice-Viewer (virt-viewer) geht kurz auf, dann erscheint eine Fehlermeldung "Verbindung zum Grafik-Server /pfad/zum/File/pve-spice.vv kann nicht hergestellt werden" Das ist seit dem vorletzten pve update...
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    [SOLVED] Backup PBS backups to Cloud

    As you're on a synology, use the apps there to remote copy the backups. there sure is an app that enables cloud or remote backup of content, so all you have to do is find out when the backup is done and start the copy job afterwards.
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    (v6) Unable to login (WebGui: root)

    Hi, something similar is happening to the 2-node cluster at a customer's site. We did a gradual install in parallel to vmware, where we first removed 1 esx and installed pve and after successful migration of all xervers and desktops moved the other esx to pve. It worked for now nearly half a...
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    [SOLVED] Reinstall node in cluster

    Danke, daran hatte ich auch schon gedacht. Erstaunlicherweise hat er jetzt, nach dem gefühlt fünften Mal, wirklich durchgestartet und den Status aktualisiert. TAL! Ich werde das gleich in unsere Doku einfügen, damit das nicht nochmal passiert.
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    [SOLVED] Reinstall node in cluster

    Danke, das hat mich deutlich wetergebracht. Allerdings zeigt der Node immer noch ein graues Fragezeichen im Cluster. Habe ich was übersehen?
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    [SOLVED] Reinstall node in cluster

    This is the output of journatctl -b -u pve-cluster (the same block appears over and over, only the counter increases) Feb 08 12:24:51 qonos systemd[1]: pve-cluster.service: Scheduled restart job, restart counter is at 3. Feb 08 12:24:51 qonos systemd[1]: Stopped The Proxmox VE cluster...
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    [SOLVED] Reinstall node in cluster

    I moved all VMs to another node. I Installed anew, activated the license and restored /etc/pve and /etc/corosync. (passwd and shadow were restored too but are irrelevant at the moment) After reboot systemctl status corosync says: ● corosync.service - Corosync Cluster Engine Loaded...
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    [SOLVED] Reinstall node in cluster

    Just to clarify: (1) backup ~/.ssh, /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/pve and /etc/corosync (2) reinstall without leaving the cluster (3) install re-activated license key (4) restore from (1) (5) reboot is this correct?
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    [SOLVED] Upgrade 7.0 möchte proxmox-pve entfernen

    THanks for the solution, it made my day.


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