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    Will a Dell PowerEdge R720 be up to the task?

    Hardware seems more than capable for the planned uses, but you are lacking something critical: backups. Plan on having at least a VM with Proxmox Backup Server and a USB drive to store backups of your VMs in it.
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    Kernel segfault on host while using spice display in Linux VM

    Hello, I'm having a serious issue with a couple of Linux VMs (Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop, Linux Mint 20.1). They both have spice display: agent: 1,fstrim_cloned_disks=1 audio0: device=ich9-intel-hda,driver=spice boot: order=scsi0;ide2 cores: 4 cpu...
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    Server recommendation

    Almost impossible to give any accurate suggestion if you dont provide the details of the VMs :) How much ram do they need? How many cores should they use? I/O load on disks and size? You either have to benchmark and profile the VMs to get that information or simply get the biggest one your...
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    CPU type host vs. kvm64

    Not in this case as the OP stated that "I have all nodes with exactly the same CPUs model", so live migration among nodes won't be an issue ;)
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    CPU type host vs. kvm64

    CPU type kvm64 presents a limited set of instructions to the VM's OS, which will limit how the OS can run code. For example MMX, AVX or AES instructions are not in a kvm64 CPU. So yes, using CPU type "host" will increase the performance of your VMS. In fact, the kvm64 cpu type i discouraged by...
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    Shutdown VM on failover to free resources

    Good question! Checked and it's a shame, but they dont trigger on migration, so my option isn't viable.
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    Shutdown VM on failover to free resources

    Option 2: using a hook script on VM 1 which would stop VM 3 if the hostname were it is started is node2 and starts VM 3 again when VM 1 is stopped or migrated back to VM 1 :) Be careful about were you place the hook script, as it will have to be available from any node.
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    VM stops randomly while connected to it's spice display

    I'm having an issue with a couple of VM's which use Spice display. They are accessed remotely using virt-viewer. The VMs randomly stop if user is connected to it's spice display. It does not stop if user does not connect to it. It may happend a couple times a day or they may work for a week...
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    Virtual TrueNas "cannot prepare PCI pass-through, IOMMU not present"

    Please check that you have enabled VT-d and IOMMU in your BIOS. Also, as stated before, read and follow carefully the oficial documentation
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    [SOLVED] Remote Access (via VPN) to Proxmox

    Check the traffic using with tcpdump both on pfsense and Proxmox. In Pfsense packets should come IN by the OpenVPN interface and go OUT by the vlan interface. In Proxmox the should come IN by the vlan interface (or vmbrX, if vlan is untagged) and go OUT the same interface. Check the routing...
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    [SOLVED] Remote Access (via VPN) to Proxmox

    Is the gateway of your Proxmox host the IP of the PFSense VM running OpenVPN?
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    [SOLVED] ZFS replication for VMs with multiple disks

    Doing a qm rescan --vmid VMID should have found the disk in your ZFS storage and add it to the VM as "unused", allowing you to remove it both from the storage and from the VM config using the WebUI. It should also remove the replication settings for that disk and remove it from "the other" host.
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    My proxmox server doesn't appear in my router so I can't open the port

    Use the console and check which ip address did the DHCP server assigned to the server with ip addr. Make sure that the DHCP server gave your Promox server the right IP.
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    Slow restore backup to DRBD9 storage.

    If you are planning on getting new disks, simply get enterprise/datacenter 2'5 SSD SATA drives. No point on getting new spinning drives as they will probably give you similiar performance as the ones you already have. Do *not* buy consumer/prosumer grade SSD: they do not perform properly under...
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    My proxmox server doesn't appear in my router so I can't open the port

    If you can create reservations to always give the same IP to a given MAC address in your router, you may try to: - Create a reservation using the mac of your server and assing the same IP that it currently has. This is important as Proxmox uses entries from /etc/hosts - Switch Proxmox to use...


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