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  1. CIFS: storage is not online (500)

    Same issue as @emberzhang working from Proxmox 7.1 to macOS Monterey.
  2. Proxmox VE 7.1 released!

    Did you hit the refresh button before trying to upgrade? Do you have the non-subscription repository active under Repositories?
  3. Proxmox VE 7.1 released!

    Sorry did not see that. OK I'll wait until Proxmox gives me a few 5.13 kernels that I can revert to. Running a zpool upgrade only list "draid" as a new available feature so no rush or requirement for that from my end.
  4. Proxmox VE 7.1 released!

    Now that 7.1 has moved to ZFS 2.1.1 I am getting the below status on my ZFS raid-1 boot rpool and other non-root zpools. status: Some supported and requested features are not enabled on the pool. The pool can still be used, but some features are unavailable. action: Enable all features...
  5. Docker LXC Unprivileged container on Proxmox 7 with ZFS

    Link could be helpful.
  6. Linux Kernel 5.13, ZFS 2.1 for Proxmox VE

    A bit off topic, but I am seeing ZFS 2.1.1 as an upgrade on PVE 7.0 from the no-subscription repository with the stock 5.11 kernel. I never saw 2.0.6. Is that expected? or does this new kernel upgrade come with the zfs-kmod-2.0.6-pve1 and ZFS-2.1.1 user space?
  7. pfSense on Proxmox using multiple physical interfaces.

    How is the isp router assigning to the enp2s0 (Intergrated Realtek on HP)? By MAC address? Couple of things to try, 1. Copy the MAC address the ISP router needs to assign the DMZ address to the WAN interface clone MAC address in pfSense and in vmbr0 Proxmox settings with the...
  8. [SOLVED] No 10G Connection on Server with X11dpi-NT

    Network cables and switch port access configs sneak up and bite everyone at some point. Glad you got it sorted in short order.
  9. Making the most of all 4x NICs on Proxmox

    OK so 2 Proxmox nodes, I assume as of yet each is stand alone and not a cluster. Is your network topology still the same as the diagram? does the ISP router still plug directly and only into the Proxmox 7.0-8 box with 2 nics (I'll call this node1). Have you set up *sense (or any other router)...
  10. Making the most of all 4x NICs on Proxmox

    Don't think Proxmox is or maybe even was the issue here. How are the HP switch ports configured? Are they passing all traffic, set to default vlan or ...? From the initial diagram it suggest that Ubuntu/docker/*sense/nginx/pihole are all running on the same box, is that true and if so what is...
  11. Making the most of all 4x NICs on Proxmox

    Can you post your current /etc/network/interfaces file? and with that tell us what you IP are unable to ping and from where (what IP/subnet).
  12. Making the most of all 4x NICs on Proxmox

    Monowall->pfSense->OPNsense. pfSense was a fork of monowall and then OPNsense was a fork of pfSense. Don't be scared off from WireGuard, the issue was the guy negate hired, then defended, did a terrible job porting WireGuard code over to freebsd. WireGuard founding developer Jason Donenfeld...
  13. Full mesh network using Batman protocol

    I’ll give it a trial later this week. Thanks
  14. Making the most of all 4x NICs on Proxmox

    A little background reading on the people still employed and leading netgate/pfSense.
  15. Full mesh network using Batman protocol

    Thanks @spirit, I’ll look into this. Assume I would need to change up IP’s for each nodes CEPH monitors/managers if each link will be a separate subnet.


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