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  1. Proxmox VE Ceph Benchmark 2020/09 - hyper-converged with NVMe

    Thanks @Alwin which of the tuning guides do you recommend for this use case scenario? ””Cheers G
  2. securing PMG GUI root and other users

    Hi All i've been doing some searches for securing the PMG web GUI for the root user and haven't come across anything specific. Is there an option for 2fa? Would there bay any issues if we installed Fail2Ban? Nothing is jumping out in the Administrators guide. any assistance would be greatly...
  3. ZFS problem with LSI Broadcom SAS 9300-8i

    Hi @j4ys0n just wondering if this was ever resolved. currently looking at the same card. ""Cheers G
  4. Opinions | ZFS On Proxmox

    Thank you @guletz appreciate you taking the time to reply. I think i should be clearer with my question RE Cache drive. I'm looking at the 375 GB Optane as a caching drive for SLOG/ LARC, from what i've been reading the SLOG can be approximately 1/4 the capacity of RAM even less. The question...
  5. Opinions | ZFS On Proxmox

    Awesome information thanks @LnxBil really appreciate you taking the time to go into more detail. Are you currently using Dedupe? We are torn between having a few stand alone ZFS hosts and deploying a Ceph cluster, ZFS looks like it will be easier for our team to manage then Ceph, obviously...
  6. Opinions | ZFS On Proxmox

    Good advice ill report back once the new server has landed :) ""Cheers G
  7. Opinions | ZFS On Proxmox

    Thanks for the additional clarification :) Are you aware of any reference article for calculating special device capacity ? I'm not sure if we wish to go down the path of Dedupe just meta data and small blocks. From a VM perspective would there even be a use case for small blocks or am i...
  8. Opinions | ZFS On Proxmox

    Thanks @LnxBil Just to clarify isn't the SLOG only for block devices? Isn't ZFS local file based? please correct me if i'm missing something as i may have crossed wires somewhere in my research...
  9. Opinions | ZFS On Proxmox

    Ok All thanks for your input so far :) I've decided to go with the following options and would love your feedback: Single Server Options New SuperMicro e20012623 10 bay 2.5" (4 bays can be occupied by NvME drives) or all by SAS/ SATA Drives AMD Epic 7502 32 Core 256 GB Ram HBA Broadcom 9300...
  10. zfs installation fails on dell with perc h730

    Are you running all SSD or Hybrid SSD with Spinning disk?
  11. zfs installation fails on dell with perc h730

    ok i wasn't aware of the license changes sorry to hear that. How is Ceph going for you?
  12. zfs installation fails on dell with perc h730

    Hi @goty How are you finding the DRBD9 solution? ""Cheers G
  13. Opinions | ZFS On Proxmox

    In our VMware environment when a host crashes logs are lost even when streaming to disk, these logs are imperative to find the root cause of the issue especially when there may be little lead up to the issue it self so in VMware at least it’s important to get everything in its entirety to deduce...
  14. How to configure Proxmox and PfSense VM so that all network requests go through PfSense

    Hi Team interestingly enough I’m seeing exactly the same issue on a test deployment. on ProxMox I’ve been troubleshooting this for about a week. vm’s on private lan can ping external resources but when trying to get any data from those resources it fails. example. ping works wget fails web...


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