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  1. [SOLVED] Windows 10 (1809): nested virtualization does not work

    I'll do that, yes. But I'm still investigating if nested Hyper-V is usable for my workload, however. Unfortunately, my tests have not been very promising in terms of performance so far, at least not when using it for Docker on Windows.
  2. [SOLVED] Windows 10 (1809): nested virtualization does not work

    so finally I've found a solution to get nested Hyper-V virtualization up and running on a virtualized Windows 10 pro 1809 installation. As it seems, one additional qemu cpu flag is required to hide the hypervisor from Windows: * hypervisor: this needs to be turned off as a cpu flag, ie "-cpu...
  3. [SOLVED] Windows 10 (1809): nested virtualization does not work

    I've since also tried to reinstall with as little traces of virtualization (no virtio drivers etc), but again to no avail. The docs mention a "hidden" option for CPU ... but setting it 1 doesn't change anything (except adding "kvm=off" to qemu's cpu switch), so I am quite lost now ...
  4. [SOLVED] Windows 10 (1809): nested virtualization does not work

    thanks for the idea, but turning off KVM hardware virtualization ends up with the VM taking like 10 minutes to display the login screen only and another 10 minutes to display the ordinary desktop, so that's unusable.
  5. [SOLVED] Windows 10 (1809): nested virtualization does not work

    In order to run Docker for Windows, I'm trying to setup nested virtualization for a Windows 10 guest on our up to date 5.3-11 installation. I've followed the wiki describing the required steps and I've searched both the net and the forum, but...
  6. What open source solutions are available to use "ZFS over iSCSI with Proxmox"?

    I can't tell you unfortunately. AFAIK my patch has been merged into master, but idk when the next official build will be published from master.
  7. What open source solutions are available to use "ZFS over iSCSI with Proxmox"?

    Jumping into this thread a little bit late, I'm the "real" Udo Rader who developed the patch for LIO :) @raku: My company has deployed patched versions of Proxmox to a small number of our development servers and so far did not see the performance degradation you see. Can be a number off...
  8. unable to install: "no cdrom found"

    @shantanu no worries, I've already overcome this issue by finding a suitable boot USB stick. Those were my first attempts to get my feet wet with Proxmox, so installing a PXE server just for giving Proxmox a test drive on one computer would have been a little bit of an overhead.
  9. ZFS via iSCSI using LIO/targetcli

    Hi, If I see it right, proxmox currently (5.1) does not really support ZFS via iSCSI on up to date versions of Linux. "Linux" support for ZFS over iSCSI found in proxmox today means "IET", which has been deprecated for quite a while unfortunately. I've looked into how IET support has been...
  10. Proxmox VE on Debian Jessie with zfs - Hetzner

    hopefully there are easier ways to achieve this, unfortunately none of them worked for me ... The process I described looks actually more complicated than it is, I've repeated it yesterday for a couple of servers and if you know what to do, it doesn't take much more than 10 minutes per server.
  11. Proxmox VE on Debian Jessie with zfs - Hetzner

    as I have had to fight that beast as well and finally won the battle, I thought I'd share my findings. first, as laid out previously, the easiest way to bring it up and running at Hetzner is to ask the staff to put in an USB stick with proxmox 5.1 on it and then access your server via a LARA...
  12. unable to install: "no cdrom found"

    thx for that code fragment. It indeed looks like none of the five or six USB thumb drives I've played with have that flag set, so that's the reason for the installation not to start. Given the high amount of repeated questions about why installations from USB sticks don't work, maybe removing...
  13. unable to install: "no cdrom found"

    just one additional thing I noticed: after I transfer the ISO to the USB drive using whatever kind of tool (dd, imagewriter, I even tried the Windows based "" tool mentioned in the admin guide), unplug the USB stick and replug it, dmesg shows me those lines: [ 7351.886579] usb 1-2...
  14. unable to install: "no cdrom found"

    Hi, I'm trying to get my feet wet with proxmox, but so far fail even with the very first step of installing it from an USB stick, using the lastest ISO available (proxmox-ve_5.1-3.iso). No matter what I do, the installation process ends pretty early, just after the kernel has been booted...


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