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  1. Which VM display settings for max video performance in VDI?

    I am currently trialling the QXL display adapter with 128MB memory. UPDATE: The two VM's I set to use SPICE, went into a paused state an hour later. Why is that? UPDATE: Windows sleep settings, the QXL pack installs a version of the qemu guest agent which obviously exposes the power interface.
  2. Which VM display settings for max video performance in VDI?

    Hi all, Running a small VDI environment with a selection of Windows 10 VM's. These are all accessed via MS RDP. They don't do anything particularly video intensive but since this is a for a remote teaching environment, a couple of the VM's do use classroom control software that monitors the...
  3. Proxmox 6.1 Apt-get Update fails DEFAULT INSTALL

    Hi all, this has been a problem that I have seen in the logs for various versions of proxmox. Task error apt-get update failed exit 100.... bla bla.... Its because I don't have a subscription for the enterprise repo. But this is a default install and I have not added the enterprise repo, only...
  4. Dell R920 VM Performance issues

    Random read, looks low to me, but my previous proxmox installs performed just fine and they used a SAN with spinners over a network. No performance issues with those VM's. Random write:
  5. Dell R920 VM Performance issues

    Heres a fio sequential read: And heres a fio sequential write:
  6. Dell R920 VM Performance issues

    I have disabled hyperthreading on another identical box thats still in the dev lab and performance on VM's still seems sluggish. Heres a pveperf output with an lvm disk mounted at /mnt/test root@proxmox01:~# pveperf /mnt/test CPU BOGOMIPS: 598857.60 REGEX/SECOND: 1511571 HD SIZE...
  7. Dell R920 VM Performance issues

    Host type CPU and 4 cores.
  8. Dell R920 VM Performance issues

    Hi all, Just spun up a couple of new Proxmox boxes, these are Dell R920's with 4 x Xeon E7 4880v2's 15 cores each, so 60 cores + hyperthreading. 512GB RAM in the boxes, local storage is a 22 disk RAID 10 of spinners. No SSD's yet, but still not slow. I have created 2 linux VM's and a windows...
  9. pveperf results opinion?

    Hi all, just curious as to my general performance on this new node. Without me telling you what the hardware is, how do these numbers look? And yes they have got spinning disks for the time being, not SSD's. But that will change. root@proxmox01:/mnt/convert# pveperf CPU BOGOMIPS: 598857.60...
  10. Migrating VM Disk from HyperV to Proxmox (qm importdisk) BOOT FAILED

    How do I save my EFI boot information to the EFI disk so it is not lost on a reset of the VM? EDIT: Looks like as long as the VM has an 'EFI Disk' and the EFI options are saved then this works. Note that if you detatch the EFI disk and reattach, it doesn't list as an 'EFI Disk'. Perhaps this is...
  11. Migrating VM Disk from HyperV to Proxmox (qm importdisk) BOOT FAILED

    UPDATE! I have solved this. I added an EFI disk to store EFI boot info, changed BIOS to OVMF, added an EFI boot option in the BIOS to look at the ubuntu grub64 loader and it boots. Thanks all! Process for migrating a GPT formatted Gen2 HyperV VHDX is as follows: 1. Export the VM from HyperV...


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