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  1. Issues with Active Directory logins

    I'm confronting similar issue. I test my user credentials on a domain computer, as @dcsapak suggest, with: powershell: runas /u:<username>@<domainname> notepad.exe and works, Notepad was open if credential are valid, if I on purpose mistype the password it fails. But when I try to login on...
  2. Group names and Active Directory sync

    @dcsapak is possible to guide us what section on the code deal with this authentication, maybe someone on the community could be reviewing what could be done an propose as a solution. Also @gustavobada comment on the bugzilla ticket. The thing is that for non-green field Active Directory...
  3. Windows VMs stuck on boot after Proxmox Upgrade to 7.0

    We have like six different clusters already running on 7.1 and I face similar issue, most of the when have the ha active for the vm. We no longer use sata-disk as HDD/SSD, we use SCSI with a virtio-scsi single controller, and face similar issue. That doesn't mean we don't use SATA at all, we...
  4. [SOLVED] "Guest has not initialized the display (yet)" on new OVMF VMs after update to 7.0-13

    Well review the UEFI docs ( Sec. 10.2.10, I found something interesting. I did that and start the VM and that make it work. After that I change it back to default and the VM continue to reboot properly. Therefore...
  5. [SOLVED] "Guest has not initialized the display (yet)" on new OVMF VMs after update to 7.0-13

    I'm confronting similar issue. I was able to identify that if I remove the EFI Disk the boot process continue. If I add it again (to confirm relation) the issue came back. Header Proxmox Virtual Environment 7.1-8 Search Node 'GUYNPR1-PVE-NAF1' Hour (average) CPU usage 5.05% of 32 CPU(s) IO...
  6. LACP Issue on Dell Server with Intel(R) Ethernet 10G 4P X710/I350 rNDC

    After upgrading to version 19.5.12 of the NIC firmware from version 19.0.12 no LACP bond interface will come active. This is just a reference for those that face similar issue. I rollback to the previous version on the Dell Servers and everything came back to normal. Proxmox Software...
  7. HEALTH_WARN 1 daemons have recently crashed

    This work for me too! A GUI for acknowledge would be too much to ask? ;) Thanks Proxmox Team for great Product!
  8. Proxmox Cluster DDosing each other.

    Is very difficult to assist, if no details... A beginning point could be to provide the Proxmox version on all the nodes is deployed, that is under summary "Package Versions". Regards,
  9. Proxmox VE and VLAN tag stacking On that threat you will find my post and configs, there you will notice that I'm using QinQ. My topology there is like: vFirewall (OpnSense) <> vmbrXX <> vmbrY <> CiscoNexus 3548X <> Juniper MX...
  10. [SOLVED] iwlwifi with Kernel pve-kernel-5.3.18-3-pve issue

    Perfect. Thanks for your recommendation @tom I upgrade to version pve-kernel-5.4.24-1-pve and the device boot properly. By the way that device is a toy environment that runs on a Udoo x86. Of-course I try to run everything on LXC because the limited memory resource, but for validation and for...
  11. [SOLVED] iwlwifi with Kernel pve-kernel-5.3.18-3-pve issue

    Thanks for answer Tom. understood. Anyway the wifi interface is useful as Out-Of-Band access. In my case I attach to a vrf to not conflict with the main routing where I run the VMs/LXCs. I would let you know the results of the upgrade to kernel 5.4.
  12. [SOLVED] iwlwifi with Kernel pve-kernel-5.3.18-3-pve issue

    @spirit @dietmar Can you take a look at this? May be I can provide more information if need to fix the problem issue or is fix in newer kernel. Regards
  13. [SOLVED] iwlwifi with Kernel pve-kernel-5.3.18-3-pve issue

    I'm facing an issue with the wifi, while boot on the kernel pve-kernel-5.3.18-3-pve. If I rollback to the previous kernel (pve-kernel-5.3.18-2-pve) wifi work fine again. Attach are the to boot files that I was able to retrieve. Thanks for the assist.


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