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  1. vm Start + vzdump - QEMU exited with code -1

    Kann bestätigen dass die VMs seit >0.8.16-1 während des Backups einfach freezen und erst nach dem Backup wieder online sind - worst case.
  2. Error when finishing task of backup

    Can confirm the problem VM FREEZING while in backup. Worst case. @stoiko-ivanov and Proxmox-Team, can we get a patch on this ASAP?
  3. Qemu - possible Guest to Host CVE-2020-14364

    *push* Anybody from Proxmox Team mybe? Edit: 5.1.0-2 seems to have to backports now,Thanks!
  4. Welche Datacenter SSD

    Bitte sagt mir, dass ihr nicht vorhabt die in ein HW-Raid zu hängen :p
  5. ZFS-2: Seems like it is using more diskspace than it should

    With what command are you checking the disk space? zpool does include raid information, so if you setup a raid 1, 20gig will count as 40 since its on both drive. df -h should give you the right ammount.
  6. Qemu - possible Guest to Host CVE-2020-14364

    Hi Forum, as some probably know there was a possible guest to host in qemu via usb with CVE-2020-14364 which affects all versions until 5.2 (which is not released). May it be possible that we get a backport on this, since it seems like the version still needs some more time...
  7. Sicherheitslücke Kernel cve-2020-14386

    Hi, das ist klasse! Eine Bitte: wäre es möglich dass ihr bei sowas die entsprechende CVE im changelog erwähnt? Ich hatte mir die changelog durchgelesen und explizit nach einem Patch für die CVE gesucht, aktuell steht dort zwar etwas zu raw packet sockets, hätte ich mir also wohl denken können...
  8. Proxmox Backup Server (beta)

    Hi, id like to request a feature: it would be nice if we could restore into a new vm instead of overwriting the old one, sometimes we just need partial backup data and that way the can copy them. thanks!
  9. Proxmox Backup Server (beta)

    Dear Proxmox Team, huge thanks for your efforts! Having incremental kvm backups is a real gamechanger. One question: is it possible to use the gui with encryption at this point? I created a backup key for each host but it seems like a gui option is missing for now, probabbly comming in the...
  10. Question regarding latest kernel update (kvm information leak)

    Hi Proxmox Team, in the changelog from the latest kernel i found May you provide any more information for that? What exactly is leaking? Is it about ? Thanks!
  11. Proxmox ZFS, how to import QCOW2 VM

    just create a virtual disk the idendictal size, remove it (on filesystem), and move the disk you want to import to the original location.
  12. live migration change qcow2 disk into raw

    Hi Proxmox Team, seems like this is still a thing. Any Updates? Thanks!
  13. [SOLVED] CVE-2019-14378 / Qemu Buffer-Overflow

    Hi Proxmox Team, i was wondering if the current version 4.0.0-5 of pve-qemu fixed CVE-2019-14378? Thanks! Regards Edit: reading the changelogs helps: pve-qemu-kvm (4.0.0-4) pve; urgency=medium * fix CVE-2019-14378: slirp heap buffer overflow during packet reassembly My bad!

    CentOS 5? Hopefully youre just joking. Version 5 is EOL since 31 Mar 2017, running this in production would be catastrophic.
  15. change server question.

    Did this a few times with debian based systems and worked flawless.


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