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  1. Some problems (proxmox 4 + LXC)

    do NOT use LXC. LXC is NOT OpenVZ alternative. LXC s NOT OpenVZ successor. LXC is not a true container system. - Lacks tons of features and depends on tons of ubuntu apparmor crap. Use KVM if possible. Or do NOT upgrade your proxmox 3.x Installations to 4.x LXC is a useless, untested...
  2. Moving to LXC is a mistake!

    Being not alone makes me happy, but as always not a solution to "our" problems. what can be done ? what is the solution ? I don't want to get rid of openvz, but I also want to use Proxmox 4.x. I can not find any other alternatives to this beautiful Proxmox we have... That is %100 true for me...
  3. Moving to LXC is a mistake!

    OpenVz Is always the unwanted adopted child of Proxmox from the beginning. Proxmox developers want to get rid of it from the first day. Now with the new 4.x series they replaced it with LXC without thinking and testing any much further. There are tons and tons of problems with LXC. OpenVZ have...
  4. Good tutorial of how to proxmox Raid1 boot and Raid10 pve data with Software Raid

    this is me :) Thank you for your kind words, is my notepad so that's why comments are always closed. I am very happy that you like my tutorial. I've got around 30+ servers working in that configuration, so yes it is well tested and recommended. Thank you again :)
  5. Proxmox VE 3.3 does not Boot after install
  6. Best Proxmox HW-RAID-Controller with Performance-Data

    8x1TB SATA Production server. root@pmd03:~# lspci -vvv | grep Adaptec 01:00.0 RAID bus controller: Adaptec Series 6 - 6G SAS/PCIe 2 (rev 01) Subsystem: Adaptec Series 6 Entry Level - ASR-6805E - 8 internal 6G SAS ports root@pmd03:~# pveperf CPU BOGOMIPS: 32001.04 REGEX/SECOND...
  7. [SOLVED] openvz disk size problem.

    I have git a problem with one of my openvz containers I've set the disk to 25GB on proxmox: /etc/pve/openvz/144.conf as you can see everything os ok. BUT, a df -h from host node: as you can see container 144 have full host node disk and inside container again full host node disk...
  8. Fresh install of PVE 3.2 won't boot - best work around

    Exact same thing happened to me twice. UEFI H97 Chipset mobo + proxmox 3.2 does not boot, whatever I did tried. The best way to fix this is Install Proxmox 3.1 and upgrade it after installation. Everything works as expected...
  9. kernel panic, but why?

    UPDATE on this subject: Server did have bad ram sticks. Pulling out the bad sticks worked. Server is now fully functional.
  10. kernel panic, but why?

    I get random kernel panic's at this specific server. below is a screenshot. anybody have an idea why?
  11. Hard Disk free space - Something wrong!
  12. Pros and Cons of software RAID

    This is my latest server. Opteron 8 core cpu adaptec 6805e 256MB 8xseagate 7200 RPM disks RAID 10 No BBU but write/read caches active 256K stripe size. 64GB ram pveperf CPU BOGOMIPS: 32002.08 REGEX/SECOND: 856289 HD SIZE: 19.69 GB (/dev/mapper/pve-root) BUFFERED READS...
  13. Pros and Cons of software RAID

    Memory is good. here is more info about it: The memory is used for read and write cache which improves the performance of the storage. The basic rule when it comes...
  14. Pros and Cons of software RAID

    I did install proxmox in everyway you can imagine. Software raid with 2 drives raid 1 , raid 10 with 4 drives, Hardware raid with 4 drives and 2 ssds in raid1 flashcaching raid, single drive without raid but zfs in 4 drives , single drive with NFS in under xfs, etc etc etc... If you ask me today...
  15. Survey: Do you use KVM or OpenVZ, or both?

    51 Openvz CT's and 6 KVM VM's on 6 clustered servers all HP DL 320 G7 with 4x450 Sas Raid 10 with BBU each with 16GB ram Xeon E31240 and a lot of ram and computing power still left. This new gear with proxmox make me get rid of useless 30 Desktop Tower servers. KVM for windows OpenVZ for linux...


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