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  1. Proxmox 5.1 DRBD 9 problem

    HI, I used to have the same issue until I changed some settings in lvm.conf. Add the two settings to lvm.conf from this link and everything will work smoothly, at least it did for me.
  2. DRBD9 for Proxmox 5

    I'm intrested in this and would like to give it a try. Do have the links for documentation and repo? I've searched on Google but cant seem to find anything.
  3. Free space in metadata of thin pool pve/data is too low

    Take a look at this thread, I have tried to talk to Proxmox but they won't listen to me :) Don't mind Drbd9 topic, the issue is about LVM and metadata.
  4. Sheepdog & Proxmox-4.x compatibility !!

    After some more testing it seems I am able to remove a snapshot with RAM when the VM is powered off. If the VM is running when deleting snapshots with RAM the above error message will appear and the base image will be wiped.
  5. Sheepdog & Proxmox-4.x compatibility !!

    Well, snapshot rollback is indeed working with RAM and without RAM. The problem comes when you try to delete the snapshot See below of two snapshots created with included RAM root@pve1:~# dog vdi list Name Id Size Used Shared Creation time VDI id Copies Tag Block Size...
  6. Proxmox VE 5.0 beta1 released!

    Thank you for this! I can't see any DRBD packages in the new repo, what is the plan for DRBD? I have tried drbdmanage plugin supplied by Linbit on latest PVE 4.4 but unfortunately it has too many issues, it's not stable.
  7. Is default (install) LVM2 thin pool metadata size appropriate?

    Hi, No, it's not safe in my opinion, have a look at this thread regarding DRBD and LVM thin: You could increase the metadata by 1GB by running the following command: lvextend --poolmetadatasize +1G pve/data...
  8. Problem with LVM thin pool: read failed after 0 of 4096 at 0: Input/output error

    Hi, I think you might have the same issue as I was having with metadata. Read this thread
  9. DRBD9 LVM thin provisioning

    It feels like I'm not reaching out to you.... :( If I would rephrase the topic I would remove DRBD9 from it because this is a LVM thin issue and not a DRBD issue. At least this thread is created and other people might benefit from it!
  10. DRBD9 LVM thin provisioning

    I know the guide says 511G for the 512G disk to fill up the data pool but the issue here isn't the data pool size, it's the metadata size. That one is also being auto extended when it reaches 80% of usage. The thinpool can't exceed the volume group so I don't really understand why you can't...
  11. DRBD9 LVM thin provisioning

    Good day, I followed the guide to setup DRBD9 and I found a major issue with LVM thin provisioning and metadata. If I for example follows the guide and creates the drbdthinpool with a size of 1600G. root@proxmox:~# vgcreate drbdpool /dev/sdb1 Physical...
  12. Sheepdog 1.0

    I followed the development pipermail thread and I think that sheepdog 1.0 now should be complete? It's a little bit hard to follow it though :) Do you have any schedule when you will release the new version and will it be considered as a stable release? Thank you!
  13. Sheepdog 1.0

    I understand! So will this release be considered as a stable one from your side?
  14. Sheepdog 1.0

    Ok nice! So it's still in development and not released on the repository? Or is there a package I can download and test out? Thanks for the swift reply!
  15. Sheepdog 1.0

    Good day, They just released version 1.0 of sheepdog and I just wonder if you are going to update pve-sheepdog package anytime soon? From what I can read v1. 0 should be a stable release. I have tried v0.93 and I think sheepdog is really easy to setup, has auto recovery and working...


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