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  1. [SOLVED] Throttle moving speed for VM between storage

    Hello, I'm using PVE 6.2-6. Is it possible to reduce the speed (throttle) when I move a VM between 2 storage to reduce the impact on all other VMs ? Thanks.
  2. ZFS RAM usage more than 90% of the system

    Hello, We've upgraded our PVE cluster of ndoes from 5.4 to 6.2 few weeks ago, we also upgraded our ZFS pool to the version 0.8.4. We also added an iSCSI storage (FreeNAS) which hosts now most of the storage. I'm now seeing that the ZFS cache is like eating a little bit too much of RAM (this is...
  3. Subscription type/cores for VM?

    Hello Dominic, the subscriptions are still based on the number of socket/server or am I wrong ? Thanks.
  4. Proxmox Backup Server (beta)

    Is it already usable with an cluster of nodes and enterprise repo ?
  5. iSCSI, cluster of Proxmox, corruption ?

    Hi menk, When you say "LVM over SCSI", can I access the same LVM twice, or I have to setup two LVM, one by host ? If the the second option is right, it means that the files are not shared between the two LVM, is it correct ? Thanks you!
  6. iSCSI, cluster of Proxmox, corruption ?

    Hello, It's certainly written somewhere, but I didn't find it on It's said that it's generally not recommended to mount multiple iSCSI LUN on a host as it leads to data corruption. Therefore, how does Proxmox handle this when used inside a cluster...
  7. unable to activate storage randomly showing up, ping to NFS OK

    I've found the culprit! FreeNAS is causing the issue and especially the disks inside it (full ssd, busy at 100% during the "not reachable time"). Now I'm trying to find why they are saturing... so nothing to do from Proxmox I think.
  8. unable to activate storage randomly showing up, ping to NFS OK

    Hello, I recently added a FreeNAS server to my network and have setup it with Proxmox as an NFS server. Ping is ok, no loss at all. Network is 10 Gbits. Randomly, I get the following error on my nodes : Jul 3 02:12:45 athos pvestatd[7137]: unable to activate storage 'freenas-a' - directory...
  9. Proxmox, FreeNAS, NFS and snapshot per dataset

    Hi, thank you very much for your reply, very interesting as I was thinking about doing the same. Except DB, you did not experienced big issues when switching to a cloned snapshot from the second NAS ? Like read only VM or corrupted VM ? How do you manage the updates from FreeNAS on your both...
  10. Change the frequency of SPAM report

    Hello, I have some customers who would like to get weekly spam report instead of daily spam report, would this be possible in some way ? Thank you, Yann
  11. Proxmox, FreeNAS, NFS and snapshot per dataset

    Hello, I'm looking into building a FreeNAS server which will host my VMs through a NFS share. As Proxmox does not support snapshot on raw image hosted by an NFS server, I'm trying to find a way to do this in an "easy" way. I was thinking about creating a dataset per VM which will allow me to...
  12. qm migrate --online --with-local-disks risks ?

    Hi, I wanted to know what would be the risks of a broken VM in case of error (fs, network, disks) during a process of live migrating a VM without shared storage with the above command ? What is going to happen if cancelling during the process, is the VM partially moved ? Indeed, we'd like to...
  13. Recent thoughts on swap via ZVOL?

    Hi! In case of upgrading a cluster from 5.2-10 to 5.4, do the upgrade disable in anyway the SWAP ? What would be the safest way to disable/remove the SWAP in an existing installation ? Thanks.
  14. Manually fixing ZFS replication?

    We connect to the host using a different port, however they talk to each other Sorry, here we go : () 2019-04-03 09:43:00 100-0: start replication job 2019-04-03 09:43:00 100-0: guest => VM 100, running => 0 2019-04-03 09:43:00 100-0: volumes => local-zfs-hdd:vm-100-disk-1 2019-04-03 09:43:01...


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