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  1. Bad memory performance on Windows 10

    Quite puzzling. I'm sure it's just a setting somewhere, but what and where is the question and I'm not familiar with proxmox at all yet so I don't even know what to suggest. Hopefully someone else can chime in with some ideas. :)
  2. Bad memory performance on Windows 10

    I agree that numa didn't explain it. Have you tried wolfgang's suggestion of disabling prefetching?
  3. Bad memory performance on Windows 10

    Try disabling numa and see what you get.
  4. Please Help - Proxmox 6.1 Install on MacPro 1,1 - Black Screen of Death

    Don't give up! Processors are cheap, and you do have to make sure you're using the fbdimms with heatspreaders or it will overheat. You can manually set fans to run faster by pulling out the pwm pin from the fan header. Power bill can get heavy if you're running it 24x7 during the summer since...
  5. unable to install: "no cdrom found"

    I would have to say it is something specific to your machine as I've seen this type of behavior with all sorts of linux live cds on various systems. It is unfortunate though as it means you will need to install on another machine and then move that installed drive over to this one (if this is...
  6. Install WINServer 2019 on old HP Server without virtualization

    Thank you! Sounds like everything will work just fine. :)
  7. Starting into Proxmox--Best Version for My Hardware?

    The only workload on the proxmox drives will be simply proxmox as all the important data lives elsewhere. Hence bit errors aren't something I'm so worried about in this scenario. I also don't want to brick perfectly working raid controllers with unsupported cross-flashing--those aren't cheap.
  8. Starting into Proxmox--Best Version for My Hardware?

    But this honestly would only be a problem in write back mode vs write through. I dealt with this issue back in the DOS days on my Mylex DAC960SUI, and the solution was quite easy--don't use write-back. So basically all write operations are a verify read after write (awesome), but that that...
  9. Starting into Proxmox--Best Version for My Hardware?

    Neat! What revision 2950 hardware and what sas controllers? How much memory? How easy was it to set up? Do you have 10G connections between them for fast migrations in the cluster?
  10. Starting into Proxmox--Best Version for My Hardware?

    Probably won't need to unless I have to. What's the deal with ZFS and needing direct target control again? I remember reading about it a long time ago, but don't know how it is involved with Proxmox.
  11. Starting into Proxmox--Best Version for My Hardware?

    Ooooo...I like these features. Sounds like I will like clustering. :D
  12. Starting into Proxmox--Best Version for My Hardware?

    Yep, I've been reading about the RAM and CPU requirements. All of my equipment supports virtualization on the cpu on different levels, and as long as I have enough ram to run more than what the machines are doing now I'll be happy. The sas storage is nice and snappy with cached controllers...
  13. Starting into Proxmox--Best Version for My Hardware?

    It is--gas bill is 4x higher than electricity which is about the same as water, which the last time I checked was 10 cents for 1000 gallons. :D Thank you for the brief on containers--they almost sound like a snap-in of sorts versus a full blown VM, which would make sense why they're lighter. :)
  14. Starting into Proxmox--Best Version for My Hardware?

    Interesting idea. What would the benefits of a cluster be? Could I live migrate VMs from one machine to another? Or will they automatically load balance between each other? It would be nice to just have a 'pool' of servers that can serve out whatever VMs I want as much as I want. :D...
  15. Starting into Proxmox--Best Version for My Hardware?

    Good to hear that there's benefit and not bloat with newer versions. I've still yet to see this in any os development, but I'll give it a shot before trying a 5.4 install (since that worked for you). I'm not worried about energy as I've pretty much got a nuclear plant in my back yard so energy...


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