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  1. Backup: ERROR: unable to find configuration file for VM

    twice in 3 weeks at least one node had failed backups. this thread showed a similar situation: there are about 10 vm's on the node. the 1st kvm backed up ok: INFO: status: 98% (21063794688/21474836480)...
  2. [SOLVED] ceph upgrades and zabbix

    yes that was a reminder - i think zabbix is very good for monitoring ceph latency and sending email when ceph health is not OK. is there a place i could put a how to set that up, or should a wiki page be used?
  3. osd move issue

    Hello please note: the ' now active ' : vgchange -a n /dev/ceph-eab7fc8d-051a-4756-a8e5-1a3acb3e92c0 0 logical volume(s) in volume group "ceph-eab7fc8d-051a-4756-a8e5-1a3acb3e92c0" now active as of now the only way i can move an osd from one system to another is to 1- stop/out/destroy...
  4. osd move issue

    I do not know what you mean by 'no patch needed' Question - this should have worked ? vgchange -a n /dev/ceph-eab7fc8d-051a-4756-a8e5-1a3acb3e92c0 0 logical volume(s) in volume group "ceph-eab7fc8d-051a-4756-a8e5-1a3acb3e92c0" now active
  5. osd move issue

    Hello I tried moving an osd without lvm deactivate, that did not work. So moved osd back, rebooted to activate it [ could not get it up otherwise] 1- at pve set osd out 2-at pve stop the osd 3- worked on deactivate lvm: this seemed to work as no output resulted: lvchange -an...
  6. [SOLVED] ceph class issue with nautilus nvme p3700

    solved with info from ## Initial members in nvme class # ceph osd tree|grep nvme 1 nvme 1.81929 osd.1 up 1.00000 1.00000 4 nvme 1.81929 osd.4 up 1.00000 1.00000 # ceph osd crush set-device-class nvme osd.0 Error...
  7. [SOLVED] ceph class issue with nautilus nvme p3700

    here is part of tree: more info # ceph device ls|grep nvme INTEL_SSDPEDMD020T4D_HHHL_NVMe_2000GB_CVFT5190000Q2P0EGN pve14:nvme0n1 osd.4 INTEL_SSDPEDMD020T4D_HHHL_NVMe_2000GB_CVFT735300072P0OGN pve10:nvme0n1 osd.1...
  8. [SOLVED] ceph class issue with nautilus nvme p3700

    I have a class set up for nvme. that worked fine with pve5 / luminous for our intel nvme p3700's. now when i add a nvme : 1- pve screen give warning about raid controller: Note: Ceph is not compatible with disks backed by a hardware RAID controller. For details see the reference...
  9. osd move issue

    Hello Alwin - How do I deactivate an osd LVM? I read the man page to ceph-volume , and i did not see an option to deactivate lvm.
  10. Unable to boot Containers after update

    try setting lxc > option > features : nested
  11. [SOLVED] apache2.service: Failed to set up mount namespacing: Permission denied

    may have due to an update to apache2 or something ? or lxc on the host.
  12. osd move issue

    Hello, I am traveling until the weekend and will test then. .
  13. ceph latency spikes 2-3 times per day

    to apply those settings: ceph tell osd.* injectargs '--osd_enable_op_tracker=true'
  14. osd move issue

    I understand. And there should be a defined way for nautilus created osd to be moved from one node to another If you or someone else has a suggested plan I can test in our lab.


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