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  1. openSUSE containers problem

    Have you had a chance to try this yet? If yes and it was successful, can you post steps to install a working version of Leap? Thanks
  2. [SOLVED] 10G ethernet config questions

    After lots of research and trial and error, I finally figured how to create a Dell OpenManage Enterprise VM. Here are the steps which worked for me: 1. Register and download Dell OpenManage Enterprise OVF installers ( 2. Extract OVF folder and copy to...
  3. [SOLVED] 10G ethernet config questions

    Can you provide any pointers on how to install the OpenManage Enterprise vm on Proxmox? Also, I installed emc OpenManage on a Windows vm but have no idea what the login host name, username, and password would be? Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Unable to create Turnkey Linux LXC container

    Thanks! I didn’t even notice it. Change value and was able to proceed with the installation.
  5. Unable to create Turnkey Linux LXC container

    Here is the screen shot, notice that both previous and next buttons are grayed out, ie no option to proceed
  6. Unable to create Turnkey Linux LXC container

    I did enter a password but no public ssh key and the GUI’s Next button is still not activated so I can’t proceed to the next screen.
  7. Unable to create Turnkey Linux LXC container

    The pve ct wizard. I filled in all fields, except the ssh public key field, but the next screen tab stays grayed out so I can’t proceed. I have not tried creating the lxc container from the command line yet. I found a thread on turnkey...
  8. Unable to create Turnkey Linux LXC container

    I am trying to create a turnkey Linux file server (version 15.0-1) lxc container but I can’t get past the initial setup screen. I can create an Ubuntu container but not one from the turnkey template. I have tried unprivileged and privileged but neither will let me proceed. My pve is installed...
  9. [SOLVED] 10G ethernet config questions

    Launching the lifecycle controller seemed to fix the problem. Unfortunately, the firmware update failed even though it successfully list the available updates via dell ftp server. Apparently this is not working for some reason. I guess I might try downloading the updates to a usb drive and...
  10. [SOLVED] 10G ethernet config questions

    I just tried the X520/I350 in my r620 but I’m not sure if it’s a bad card or I am missing something. It has power but does not work on the 1g ports. I get the following error on boot and I don’t see it in the device configuration menu: Plug & Play Configuration Error IRQ Allocations...
  11. [SOLVED] 10G ethernet config questions

    Thanks again for sharing your setup which is basically what I am trying to accomplish. I went ahead and ordered the Intel X520-DA2 for my Supermicro NAS and the X520/I350 for my Dell R620 Proxmox server. Cheers
  12. [SOLVED] 10G ethernet config questions

    I will probably go with the Dell x520/i350 daughter card per vshaulsk’s experience but I am curious if anyone has successfully used the Qlogic 57800 sfp+ with Proxmox? The Qlogic card is compatible with my r620 and there is currently a good deal on eBay with the sfp+ transceivers included.
  13. [SOLVED] 10G ethernet config questions

    Thank you so much! It’s refreshing to get a response which is to the point without a bunch of what if’s and maybes.
  14. [SOLVED] 10G ethernet config questions

    Can you tell me what model/brand 10gb card you are using? I am trying to figure what card would be compatible with my Dell R620 and Proxmox. I have be searching for a list or recommendations on sfp+ cards for Proxmox but can’t find any strait forward examples.
  15. Help connecting to vm from another computer

    Graphical login just like if the Ubuntu desktop was installed on bare metal. What I am hoping to do is access the Ubuntu desktop vm from a Windows or Mac machine instead of installing Ubuntu on a stand-alone bare metal machine. I would like to try this with other Linux distributions as well...


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