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  1. Proxmox VE - Support Lifecycle

    Well, that's exactly what I mean. We cannot afford to re-build an infrastructure for 50k+ just to test an upgrade. And the test environment is never the same as the live one. If the process is not risky, why is this necessary? That's exactly what most people expect from LTS, including me. Why...
  2. Proxmox VE - Support Lifecycle

    I hope so, but currently an upgrade is not possible as Ceph is not stable yet. However Upgrades always carry the risk of something breaking, therefore I don't like to upgrade unless it's really really necessary. Why risk ruining everything when everything is working smoothly? I don't seem the...
  3. Proxmox VE - Support Lifecycle

    Are there any plans for an LTS Version? Debian now supports every release as an LTS-Version, and this very fast paced Support Life cycle of Proxmox is pretty hard to follow in a mission-critical environment.
  4. Configure Hardware Watchdog / IPMI Fencing

    I guess, the nofailback option is the solution to the maintenance problem. Thanks again. The random rebooting just happened once. It would be however still nice to have to option to disarm fencing, just in case something goes wrong. Is that not possible currently?
  5. Configure Hardware Watchdog / IPMI Fencing

    Thanks! That helped a lot! How do I temporarily disable fencing altogether, to facilitate updates/reboots of the cluster? During testing it sometimes happend that machines rebooted randomly when others were rebooted as well.
  6. Configure Hardware Watchdog / IPMI Fencing

    Hi, We are testing a Proxmox Cluster. I want to setup IPMI or Hardware Watchdog (Intel) Fencing. However the documentation i found in seems to be outdated and the admin guide just refers to "/etc/default/pve-ha-manager", where I could enable the line...
  7. Ceph jewel Installation not possible

    Thanks for the quick reply. The thing is, I don't have a subscription for Proxmox (yet) as I am testing it, therefore cannot access the Enterprise repository (which is probably needed?). Could I have a trial access or something to those repos?
  8. Ceph jewel Installation not possible

    I tried to install Proxmox with Ceph Jewel according to documentation, however it always says: # pveceph install -version jewel 400 Parameter verification failed. version: value 'jewel' does not have a value in the enumeration 'hammer' pveceph install [OPTIONS] As far as I can see does...


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