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  1. LXC restart creates kworker CPU 100%

    Got it. Thank you. Replied to bug with links to perf reports.
  2. LXC restart creates kworker CPU 100%

    @Stoiko Ivanov Thank you. I have filed the following bug: I am trying to get the perf reports for you, but I am seeing this error when trying to run perf: root@node3:~# perf /usr/bin/perf: line 13: exec: perf_4.15: not found E...
  3. LXC restart creates kworker CPU 100%

    @Alwin Does the latest kernel as of this comment in the pve no sub repo include the fixes described previously? 4.15.18-2-pve #1 SMP PVE 4.15.18-20 (Thu, 16 Aug 2018 11:06:35 +0200) x86_64 GNU/Linux
  4. Can't update centos7 (or install httpd) in unprivileged LXC container.

    I, too, am seeing this issue once again. Using 4.15.17-2-pve. This was working at one point in time. Some time in the 4.13 series. Looks like the issue is back with the 4.15 series?
  5. [SOLVED] Slow Disk IO inside VM but not Proxmox

    Hey! :) Perhaps read this: Test different caching settings. Take caution when enabling write-back if you do not have a battery backed RAID card. Good luck!
  6. can not fork user shell: Resource temporarily unavailable

    I am seeing this, too. This does not occur with Ubuntu or Debian templates. I checked file descriptor limits, open thread limits, etc. All seems well. Anyone have any ideas?
  7. BUG: soft lockup - CPU#5 stuck for 22s! [kvm:30536]

    @chs_voks, Were you able to get anywhere with this? I am seeing this same issue every 1-2 weeks on one of my nodes and having trouble pinpointing a root cause. If not, anyone else have any information?
  8. No Multicast Address? - Can't get key totem.interface.0.mcastaddr. Error CS_ERR_NOT_EXIST

    Just wanted to follow-up on this in case anyone has the same issues... So, the multicasting issues were caused by the enabled "Anti-DDoS" features which were enabled within the switch. I disabled those and was then able to use omping to test multi-cast between the nodes. Something still...
  9. PRVE, open-source whmcs 6.x module for PROXMOX

    Awesome! Sorry it didn't work out, but thanks for the contribution. I'll take a look at it.
  10. No Multicast Address? - Can't get key totem.interface.0.mcastaddr. Error CS_ERR_NOT_EXIST

    Hello! I have a two node cluster. NodeA in the cluster does not appear to have a multicast address. When running the following command this is the output: # corosync-cmapctl -g totem.interface.0.mcastaddr Can't get key totem.interface.0.mcastaddr. Error CS_ERR_NOT_EXIST NodeB will show a...
  11. OVH server backup to ftp storage hangs.

    Ah... Sorry to hear there isn't a more apparent reason this is happening. I am using Proxmox 4.2.
  12. OVH server backup to ftp storage hangs.

    I'm 4.2. No IO issues for me. I have about 6 VMs with daily backup schedules. All have been running smoothly since the switch to NFS. I even have backed all of them up manually yesterday and today with no issues. Goes without a hitch. Perhaps there is an issue with the network connection to...
  13. OVH server backup to ftp storage hangs.

    Hello, I didn't mount the NFS manually. I just configured it in the Proxmox GUI for adding an NFS server as a storage option. Once you add the server there, you will see the exports are automatically populated by Proxmox. Just select the export which belongs to your account. Then put the...
  14. Create Unprivileged LXC Containers with API?

    Hello, Is it possible to create an unprivileged LXC container using the API? Is the --unprivileged flag supported? I don't see it in the API docs, but I figured I would ask. I can create a unprivileged LXC container using pvesh and the --unprivileged flag. Would that be the same as using the...


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