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  1. Proxmox VE - Support Lifecycle

    I have to agree here. At least the subscription based Enterprise version should support both LTS (currently Jessie) and Extended LTS (currently Wheezy). The reality is actually different. Both Debian 8 LTS and Debian 7 Extended LTS have in many cases better security support then Debian 9. For...
  2. ZFS & AMD Ryzen/Threadripper?

    Unbuffered ECC memory modules have just an additional chip for the ECC correction. They will run like regular memory in non-ECC boards. I am using here Samsung DIMM 16GB, DDR4-2400, CL17-17-17, ECC (M391A2K43BB1-CRC) Modules in my Threadripper based development machine without any problem. The...
  3. ZFS & AMD Ryzen/Threadripper?

    Afaik many ASRock Ryzen Boards have ECC support enabled by default. I doubt it has anything with the memory controller to do. ECC is even an official supported feature on the Ryzen Threadripper platform.
  4. Moving to LXC is a mistake!

    I have to agree with shukko. Glitches and issues all over the place. LXC is just horrible and at this point not a really good replacement for OpenVZ Please make OpenVZ available again (using their latest 3.10 Kernel) or turn at least Proxmox VE 3.4 into a LTS release. Debian 7 LTS is supported...
  5. LXC Snapshot no available yet ? Will it work on LVM ?

    I workaround this issue now with my own backup script: #!/bin/bash NOW=$(date +"%m%d%Y") cp /etc/pve/lxc/100.conf /backup/temp/etc/pve/lxc/ cp /var/lib/lxc/100/config /backup/temp/var/lib/lxc/100/ cp /var/lib/vz/images/100/vm-100-disk-1.raw /backup/temp/var/lib/vz/images/100/ cp...
  6. LXC Snapshot no available yet ? Will it work on LVM ?

    Same question here. Running lvconvert seems to destroy the content on the existing volume? Bear in mind that most preinstalled Proxmox VE images are using LVM storage as default.
  7. LXC and multiple single IPs?

    I just upgraded a server from Proxmox VE 3/OpenVZ to Proxmox VE 4/LXC How can I add multiple single IP addresses to a LXC container? This was fairly easy with OpenVZ but now with LXC it seems you can only add an IP subnet to the container. This also waste IP addresses because each IP subnet...


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