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  1. [SOLVED] VM not starting after upgrading kernel and reboot - timeout waiting on systemd

    The easiest option right now is to reboot the Proxmox server and select the previous kernel at boot - you need access to the vga out of the server or use IPMI. You can set the default boot in systemd-boot as above - using 'd' during boot - if you really need to have a default. If you have grub...
  2. [SOLVED] VM not starting after upgrading kernel and reboot - timeout waiting on systemd

    This is a really good solution. The only issue is that one needs to have access to the video out or IPMI of the server to set the default boot. Would be better to have a method to make a default boot setting via SSH etc. in a running Proxmox environment.
  3. [SOLVED] VM not starting after upgrading kernel and reboot - timeout waiting on systemd

    I also have the same issue after upgrading to kernel 5.13.19-4 My linux VM's boot fine, but a windows 10 and a windows 11 vm do not boot. Strangely a windows server 2019 vm does boot fine. I had to revert back to kernel 5.13.19-3 to get everything working again. It would be really nice if...
  4. Virtual machine freezes when shutting down (or rebooting)

    I also have the same problem after the most recent proxmox updates. I cannot start windows 10 or windows 11 vm's on proxmox.
  5. [SOLVED] [A lot of Errors] Systemd + Kernel on newer Hardware

    @Ramalama Great work! I'll give your new kernel a try when I get a chance on my AMD Ryzen Zen 3 setup. Which version of QEMU are you running it with? (pve-qemu-kvm) Did you include support in the kernel for ZFS 2.0.3 as well? To the Proxmox DEVS - it would be really good if you could include...
  6. Freez issue with latest Proxmox 6.3-4 and AMD CPU

    Yes, but this is not solved. pve-manager 6.3-4 has issues that need to be fixed. Your solution is only a work around and Proxmox should look at fixing 6.3-4.
  7. All VMs locking up after latest PVE update

    I also have similar issues. There are some serious stability issues with the recent updates. You have to either reinstall from the ISO or roll back every package to get a stable system. The potential problem packages are the updated kernel and QEMU I believe. Also look at your system services...
  8. Are newer ryzen cpu supported? 4750G 5600x?

    Unfortunately I reinstalled pve from the iso and didn't keep any logs. This thread details the RDRAND issue and the boot parameters needed to disable it: I'm sure the VM issues were related to QEMU 5.2 as...
  9. Are newer ryzen cpu supported? 4750G 5600x?

    I'm running PVE on a 5950x and the vanilla install with the the most recent iso from proxmox worked well (proxmox-ve_6.3-1.iso). There is also a dependency on your motherboards bios AGESA version - mine is (ComboV2 to However after installing I ran a PVE update and it pulled in kernel...
  10. [SOLVED] [A lot of Errors] Systemd + Kernel on newer Hardware

    Thanks Ramalama and Thomas for responding. Normally I would spend a lot more time on this getting it sorted out but since I have the kids at home on lockdown and the internet is needed for school, I had to wipe the update and reinstall PVE from the iso. So right now I am going to wait a long...
  11. [SOLVED] [A lot of Errors] Systemd + Kernel on newer Hardware

    Hi, I have very similar hardware: MB: Asrock Rack X570D4U-2L2T CPU: Ryzen 5950x I updated PVE this morning with the new kernel (5.4.98) and it has taken my system from being stable to completely unstable. The previous kernel was (5.4.78). I suspect this is mainly caused by the unstable Intel...
  12. Reverse Proxy using Subdirectory

    I also tried a reverse proxy via a sub-directory with apache and couldn't get it to work. Similar to LnxBil, I managed to get it working without any modifications with a new virtual host instead.


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