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  1. Request: Optional monthly backups

    As an alternative I create daily backups and keep monthly backups using a hard link As a cronjob the following looks for files newer than 1 day and generates a hardlink with a monthly_ prefix 0 15 1 * * cd /backup/proxmox/dump; find * -mtime -1 -type f -exec ln {} monthly_{} \;
  2. What's about ceph luminous 12.2.7?

    Regarding release on production repositories Edit: I switched to the ``test`` release channel, but it would be nice to have it on the release channel soon
  3. Real ulimit value for lxc containers

    I guess it should be: lxc.prlimit.nofile: 65536 I have not tried it yet Edit: Corrected config setting. New ulimit can be checked with root@ct ~ # ulimit -Hn
  4. Suggestion: Add lrzip to Backup compression options

    vzdump could be extended to include zstd als compress option and issue an error if zstd is not installed. Implementation is similar to 'pigz'.
  5. Suggestion: Add lrzip to Backup compression options

    +1 Zstd is now available in debian stretch and supports multithreaded compression. I'm already using it for personal disk backups with >300MB/s compression speeds on consumer hardware.
  6. Proxmox 3.x IP hot/cold failover for static site

    It is a good start. Keepalived offers 2 important features: - Floating IP with VRRP for High Availability - Load Balancing on layer 3 or 4 I use floating IP and Nginx for load-balancing and SSL and HTTP2 termination. I highly recommend using gratuitous ARP with keepalived. A switch reboot could...
  7. Proxmox 3.x IP hot/cold failover for static site

    Both hosts work independently. You could use keepalived as a loadbalancer. Basic setup: 2x keepalived VMs which share a single and load-balance traffic to nodes In my case I use 2x Nginx VMs as proxy load-balancer with 2x floating IP and DNS load balancing. If one host is down, the second host...
  8. Proxmox 3.x IP hot/cold failover for static site

    Hi, i use keepalived to float a single IP between VMs. You can also add additional checks for your server or similar. Regards, Patrick
  9. ZFS and encryption

    It has been merged today!
  10. Real ulimit value for lxc containers

    Thanks Wolfgang! I was not aware it is already in Proxmox 5.0. A wiki update would be much appreciated: I'm still on Proxmox 4. As a workaround I'm using lxc.hook.pre-start and prlimit on parent-parent-pid (=> lxc-start)...
  11. Real ulimit value for lxc containers

    Hi, I'm also trying to raise ulimits in LXC. Unfortunately ulimits are not passed from pvedaemon/pveproxy to containers. pvedaemon and pveproxy raised to 256k open files. As well as nofile in /etc/security/limits.conf # cat /etc/systemd/system/pvedaemon.service.d/nofiles.conf [Service]...
  12. Proxmox VE 4.4 released!

    Safari websockets require a valid ssl certificate or added to keychain (always trust checkbox). See:
  13. USB sticks vs SSD and DR

    I also considered ZFS RAID-1 on USB flash drives, but decided to use small SSDs for reliability. In case you run ceph mon and/or mds on the same host, I would also recommend SSDs. Are there any reliable USB flash drives?
  14. [SOLVED] Deb.7 Container wont run his init.d

    Reminds me of an openvz upstart udev problem. Some migrated containers took 5 minutes to start. inittab was blocked by udev. Unfortunately openvz enforces upstart instead of sysvinit in newer debian 7 templates. There should be a file "/etc/apt/preferences.d/parallels" that prevents sysvinit...


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