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  1. [SOLVED] Can't install snap in LXC container

    yes, this is working, don't actaully need the mount=fuse feature manually added just ticking "FUSE" and "Nesting" works fine. I do get this error on the first attempt to install any snap: error: cannot perform the following tasks: - Setup snap "core" (8935) security profiles (cannot setup...
  2. Ubuntu Snaps inside LXC container on Proxmox

    Hey team, just wanted to say I've got wekan running in an LXC container, so I think this thread has maybe come full loop. I don't actually have to hand-modify the conf either, just go to the container > options > features > tick FUSE and Nesting, restart container, snapd install wekan fails...
  3. [SOLVED] Can't install snap in LXC container

    Hm, think I fixed it. There's a tickbox in the container features that just says FUSE, which adds fuse=1 to the features: line in the $vmid.conf file. Now i have: ~$ cat /etc/pve/nodes/mkx/lxc/142.conf arch: amd64 cores: 1 features: fuse=1,mount=fuse,nesting=1 hostname: wekan1 memory: 1512...
  4. [SOLVED] Can't install snap in LXC container

    Hey all, I'm on $pveversion pve-manager/6.1-8/806edfe1 (running kernel: 5.3.18-3-pve) I found a couple useful-seeming posts on using snaps in LXC containers (specifically ) and applied those...
  5. Quick writeup on installing Mikrotik CHR on Proxmox with ZFS

    I only set this up for a special type of VPN I needed. I haven't tested routing speeds, and probably won't, so I doubt my server specs matter (It's an old Mac Pro cheesegrater) Yes, the 60 days license is fully featured, you can specify the license you trial (p1, p10, P-Unlimited). Details are...
  6. Quick writeup on installing Mikrotik CHR on Proxmox with ZFS

    Hey all, I just wanted to share a quick writeup on how to set up a CHR VM on Proxmox with ZFS. Didn't find it in the forums when I was searching so in case someone else needs to, they can use this. setting up a CHR VM on proxmox with zfs download and unpack the CHR RAW img...
  7. Proxmox 6.1 working with older Mellanox ConnectX-2 cards in IPoIB and IB modes

    I am keen to know how you get on, because I'm quite new to IPoIB so I'm not sure either if you can do things like bridge or aggregation either - keep us posted as you explore. I'm not using a switch, this is just in my lab, I have cheap, short, copper QSFP DACs connecting 3 hosts so far.
  8. Proxmox 6.1 working with older Mellanox ConnectX-2 cards in IPoIB and IB modes

    Also I have slightly different cards, my dual-ports are both 40gbps IB that can be switched to 10gbps Ethernet mode, so YMMV of course: MHQH29B-XSR
  9. Proxmox 6.1 working with older Mellanox ConnectX-2 cards in IPoIB and IB modes

    Hey Bender, I haven't figured out what I'm going to to exactly, yet. But, another user showed me a more elegant way of working with these cards that I think is superior to what I've posted here. Check out
  10. infiniband only 10 gbps warning group

    in case someone comes across this later, this and this might help, other posts on this forum.
  11. 40gbs Mellanox Infinityband

    OK, so. - someone asking a few months ago about how to fix this, pointed me to where to find the opensm configuration and what document to look for the rate specifications, but it's on CentOS so config file...
  12. infiniband only 10 gbps warning group

    Did you ever figure this out? I am in a similar situation.
  13. 40gbs Mellanox Infinityband

    OK! So now I need to try and understand the difference betwen "Ethernet" mode and IPoIB. I thought they were the same thing, but this indicates they are not. I will follow your steps... done! works brilliantly. however i didn't see much of an increase in file throughput between my nodes after...
  14. 40gbs Mellanox Infinityband

    awesome! can you show me output of ibstat on one of your systems having followed this? i think there might be something about IBoIP i've totally missed...
  15. 40gbs Mellanox Infinityband

    Hi all, I'm struggling a litle with this as well. I'm glad a couple peopel have got this to work with the instructions provided up there, but I wasn't. I'm leery of installing the OFED drivers because of all the stuff it does to the system (auto-uninstalling a bunch of seemingly-critical...


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