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  1. How to shrink size of disk image on iscsi - lvm

    Temporarily you'll have 2 disks. Once done, you remove the 200GB one and you're left with just the 100GB one.
  2. How to shrink size of disk image on iscsi - lvm

    You have to work from both command lines (guest and host), and any error can destroy all your data. First, from the guest, you have to resize filesystem and partitions (possibly using gparted) to the final size of the disk (better play safe and have a good margin... in your case reduce to 80G or...
  3. [SOLVED] Random migration errors

    Confirmed: with the given filter there are no more migration errors due to failed deactivations. Anyway, a node reboot is required (unless you want to meddle with devices "wrongly" created by LVM)!
  4. [SOLVED] Random migration errors

    I'll have to do some more tests, but you're (quite certainly) right. I now added "r|/dev/mapper/.*-vm--[0-9]+--disk--[0-9]+|" to the global_filter line. It excludes all the contents of the disks created by Proxmox from host's LVM visibility. I think it should be safe enough to be included in the...
  5. Proxmox 5.3 ZFS Kernel Panic on Guests in SCSI driver

    Yes. I was quite sure (had to reboot for an unrelated network issue), but to be 100% sure I rebooted the host again and re-tested. Definitely installing intel-microcode package does not solve the issue. Seems guest-agent and LSI 53C895A are incompatible. Seems unrelated to the workload, too: I...
  6. [SOLVED] Random migration errors

    # pvs PV VG Fmt Attr PSize PFree /dev/DataBox1_r6/vm-116-disk-0 Dati lvm2 a-- 1024.00g 0 /dev/Ricerca/vm-104-disk-1 str957-cluster lvm2 a-- 40.02t 0 /dev/mapper/mp_MD3200_Ricerca Ricerca lvm2 a-- 40.02t...
  7. Proxmox 5.3 ZFS Kernel Panic on Guests in SCSI driver

    I can definitely confirm that: 1) "blocked for 120 seconds" is an issue of the VM used for testing 2) installing intel-microcode package does not solve the kernel panic for another VM
  8. Proxmox 5.3 ZFS Kernel Panic on Guests in SCSI driver

    Installed it and seems something changed. Now instead of a kernel panic it just says that a process (usually exim4) "blocked for more than 120 seconds" and performance dropped. But that could be a problem of that VM. Going to test with other VMs.
  9. Proxmox 5.3 ZFS Kernel Panic on Guests in SCSI driver

    Hosts are updated to latest no-subscription release. Should intel-microcode package be installed on the host or in the guest?
  10. Proxmox 5.3 ZFS Kernel Panic on Guests in SCSI driver

    Quite old thread, but I traced the panic to the agent: 1 Keeping all the rest the same, disabling support for guest agent avoids panic. On the other hand, if I replace SCSI with VirtIO keeping agent support enabled, it works. No change if actual agent is installed or not. Hope it helps...
  11. [SOLVED] Greyed-out nodes when configuring MD3800i

    I solved by upgrading the firmware in the MD3800i and simplifying the multipath.conf file to: defaults { user_friendly_names yes find_multipaths yes } blacklist { wwid .* } blacklist_exceptions { wwid "xxx" } multipaths { multipath { wwid "xxx" alias mp_MD3800i } } Now...
  12. [SOLVED] Random migration errors

    Hello. After last upgrade, I sometimes get migration errors. I'm using a shared storage (Dell MD3200) system. This one seems a race condition: 2019-04-16 12:29:34 migration status: completed can't deactivate LV '/dev/DataBox1_r6/vm-116-disk-0': Logical volume DataBox1_r6/vm-116-disk-0 is used...
  13. Intel NUC NUC7i7BNH Crashes Periodically

    cpuburn stresses the cpu to highlight power and thermal issues. There shouldn't be anything else running. Better if you run it from runlevel 1 and readonly filesystems (or from USB key), to avoid corruptions. If something goes wrong the hard way, it'll lock up the machine. You have to let it run...
  14. Intel NUC NUC7i7BNH Crashes Periodically

    I'd bet on CPU overheating when under load. Or bad PSU that can't keep power stable when maximum current is required for extended periods. Have you tried cpuburn?


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