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  1. NFS or SSHfs shared from host randomly hangs VM.

    We have experimented similar problems lately, using Proxmox 7.1 with kernel 5.13. We use both Ceph and NFS (FreeNAS 11) over dedicated 10Gbps networks (one network for each type of storage). We have experienced some disk corruption on different VM, always on NFS FreeNAS storage. There's nothing...
  2. C6320, LSI2008 HBA and disk order

    No, I didn't. We decided to change it for a C6420 with a PERC H330. It performs better than C6320 and in most cases better than the C6220. The C6220 still outperforms the C6420 in write cache, as it has a LSI9265 with write cache and the H330 on the C6420 does not have write cache. We solve this...
  3. User management and VM network settings

    To limit access to vmbridges maybe an option could be to use pools as in VM or storage access control. That could be an easy way to do it and coherent with current user management. What do you think about this?
  4. R720xd Installation on lsi 9207-4i4e

    Have you tried to add a delay to grub? Look at:
  5. User management and VM network settings

    Hi, To use Proxmox at a school and let students manage their virtual machines and containers with a limited role, it would be nice to have a way to filter the network vlan configuration settings available to some network role. The goal is to be able to do some network exercices like creating...
  6. C6320, LSI2008 HBA and disk order

    Hello, I've recently set up a C6230 with an LSI2008 Controller and doing some performance tests I've seen that it performs worse than older C6220 with LSI9265-8i controller. Now we are doing some tests changing some SAS 10k disks by SSD SATA disk and we have problems with the disk order. We...
  7. Docker LXC Unprivileged container on Proxmox 7 with ZFS

    No, sorry for the confusion. It is not on ZFS, the physical server is an HP DL380 Gen7 and the containers run on a hardware raid mounted via fstab and registered as a directory in proxmox.
  8. Docker LXC Unprivileged container on Proxmox 7 with ZFS

    I've been using docker on LXC with Proxmox (6.4 and earlier versions) for 3 years. It works fine. The purpose of using Debian/ubuntu LXC containers is that I need to give many machines to a group of about 20 students with just one fisical server and it would not be able to run 20 (or even more)...
  9. Proxmox 6.4 with auth_allow_insecure_global_id_reclaim=true causes backup problems

    I can ensure that I upgraded Ceph on all Ceph nodes. Some of the afected VM were stopped during the backup so the only possibility left is that there is some PVE service accessing Ceph on the failing nodes that I have not restarted. I'll try again and check it. Thanks
  10. Proxmox 6.4 with auth_allow_insecure_global_id_reclaim=true causes backup problems

    Hello, We updated our cluster from 6.2 to 6.4 a few months ago. After that, we had the warning message "mons are allowing insecure global_id reclaim". We found information about this issue in the forum...
  11. PVE 5.4 - Nodes suddenly reboot - no entries in logs

    Hi, Maybe you can just check at the HA Status to see if the nodes keep quorum during the backup. If I'm not wrong, if one node gets out of sync it simply reboots (if you use HA). You can also try to reduce the network load during the backups using the bwlimit option in /etc/vzdump.conf. Hope...
  12. PVE 5.4 - Nodes suddenly reboot - no entries in logs

    Are you using a dedicated corosync network? You say that the problem usually happends when doing backups. Regards, Manu
  13. Performance PVE 5.3.1 vs. 5.4.1

    I can't find it right now, but I think you're talking about somebody who compared the performance given by kernel 4.10 from Proxmox 5.0 or 5.1 (I don't remember) with kernel 4.15 on later Proxmox versions. In fact, as far as I remember, he tried to use the 4.10 kernel on Proxmox 5.4 (or 5.3...
  14. Ceph cluster suggestion

    Works fine! Thanks again.
  15. Ceph cluster suggestion

    Thanks lots Bengt, that seems to fit with my needs. I've installed a proxmox test cluster on some VM using nested virtualization and I'll do some tests. Kind regards, Manuel


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