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  1. Debian 9 / Proxmox 5 : memory bug ?

    Linux uses free memory as disk cache. Detailed explanation:
  2. KVM fixed memory - ballooning?

    So fixed memory size means the memory is never available for the host or other VMs, even if ballooning is on and the VM doesn't use the memory itself? What are the reasons for using fixed size memory (as the default)?
  3. Proxmox and HP RAID controller

    CentOS 7 has the same behaviour on HP Servers (with p410i).
  4. 4.4 and memory usage

    I checked the tuned profiles that Red Hat distributes in their systems. The profiles "virtual-guest" and "virtual-host" both use vm.swappiness=10. According to this the PVE installer should use a lower default value than 60 (which is the Debian default).
  5. Resource Pool Limits

    In the meantime the issue was created here.
  6. Backup MySQL database

    If you can afford the downtime it should be an easy solution to just use the "stop" backup mode. That should stop the DBMS, then the OS and thus give you a consistent state to back up. You may want to tune some things (e.g. GRUB timeout) to make the VM boot faster. @tom (proxmox staff member)...
  7. numa config option

    Are there downsides to enabling NUMA? I'm just wondering why it's not set by default. As this option is exposed in the GUI I think we should have a Wiki article for it.
  8. VM Migration Issue - LVM on CentOS 7 Guest

    I can verify the problem and the solution. My CentOS 7 VM would not recognize the LVM configuration if I use SCSI or VirtIO in PVE -- even though it is a SCSI disk in VMware.
  9. VZDUMP stuck - can't kill vzdump task

    I think you misunderstood me @robhost. I had the same problem as @bizzarrone as the restore process gets stuck if I try to restore a qcow2 kvm backup on a lvm-thin datastore. No share access involved - just local to local. Other users seem to have the same problem...
  10. VZDUMP stuck - can't kill vzdump task

    You mean it's only a GUI problem? For me it ate up resources until the host went down.
  11. LVM Thin and migrate

    I had that problem too but it took me longer to realize that it's lvm-thins's fault. :)
  12. VZDUMP stuck - can't kill vzdump task

    I had the same problem as @bizzarrone and it took me a lot of time and headache.. Restoring a qcow2 image on lvm-thin hangs and takes forever. That's bad because the default storage on PVE 4.2 is local-lvm (which is thin) and for new VMs the GUI suggests qcow2.
  13. Version End of Life

    Thx. So it's not the end of the Debian LTS but sooner. I updated the wiki page.
  14. Version End of Life

    I originally hat the LTS Dates there but after reading what Wolfgang said I found that LTS is not really oldstable. I hope the someone from the core team will comment on this. But let's just give them some days to discuss internally. :) enjoy the weekend!
  15. Version End of Life

    Wheezy is not oldstable anymore - it's LTS by now. Does that mean PVE 3.x ist EOL? I added the info to the FAQ page on the wiki. Please be sure to correct it if I got something wrong or you changed your mind.


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