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  1. Auf ein Neues

    Hi Lev, Ich haben auf meinem HomeClustrer ein PIHole, Mac OS Ventura, eine Lubuntu Desktop VM, einen LXC mit Homeassist, ein paar Templates für das schnelle aufsetzten. Ein VM mit Docker zum erumprobieren. Eine Mikrotik Router VM, Eine Sophos und Opensence Firwall. Zum dazu lernen. Klasse...
  2. Proxmox 7.4 and macOS Ventura

    Hi, I had installed macOS Ventura from the folowing source All Works fine... but if i open Safari displays a white page if Safari have the focus. Without focus Safari displays the page. I had installed Chrome -> All ok. Other Applications also...
  3. [SOLVED] Network configuration is disappeard

    i had installed the thrird node new an add it to the Cluster. After that ist was the same as before. The clusterconfiguraiton was dead. I tried with the Forum and Cluster Doku to recover the Cluster. A lot of troubles and a lot errormessages later i decised to install a fresh Cluster Kind...
  4. [SOLVED] Network configuration is disappeard

    Hi Moayad, thanks for the quick responce. I had not used openswitch for the network configuration. I had attached the DMESG file from bouth server and the interfaces file also from both servers. It's very strange, because i had used the system befor holidays normally after holidays i see the...
  5. [SOLVED] Network configuration is disappeard

    Hi all, I have a cluster with 3 Nodes. The node 2 and 3 suddenly are not accessable. I had take a look at the network configuration on the GUI. All entries are missing. I had looked at /etc/network/interfaces. Here is all normal. The web on the terminal is working. How can I find out what is...
  6. 599 To many Redirections, 596 Broke Pipe

    Good Morning, I had installed 7.3 and add to all Bridges the new mac address option. Still the same. I had installed a new node just for connecting to the Cluster still the same.
  7. 599 To many Redirections, 596 Broke Pipe

    Hi Dunuin, Thx for your response. I had now checked these values. While the system is under load. The change of that value (IO Wait) between no load and load with 599 occourence is very low. I will analyze that, because the behavior description from your side is very logicly regards Michael
  8. 599 To many Redirections, 596 Broke Pipe

    Hi Moayad, do you have seen any reason for the behavior at our cluster? regards Michael
  9. 599 To many Redirections, 596 Broke Pipe

    Hi Moayad, thx for you quick reponse. I have uploades the syslogd files from all nodes. We had tested create about 30 LXCs at 15.11.2022 around 10:00 Regards Michael
  10. 599 To many Redirections, 596 Broke Pipe

    Hi, we have e Cluster with 3 Nodes in our school envieroment. When students create LXC Container, then occurs in 33% of the cases the error 599 To many Redirections, 596 Broke Pipe. In the most cases the error occurs when the storage should be selected or the installer image should be selected...
  11. Clone Template -> Permission Check failed (/, Sys.Console) (403)

    Hello Fabian, Thanks very much. You are right. This machine have a cd-rom. Here is the configuration: boot: order=scsi0;ide2;net0 cores: 2 ide2: cdrom,media=cdrom memory: 2048 meta: creation-qemu=6.1.1,ctime=1651585245 name: WebDocker net0: virtio=2A:2F:A3:5C:C1:03,bridge=vmbr20,firewall=1...
  12. Clone Template -> Permission Check failed (/, Sys.Console) (403)

    OK, write down the problem is the solutuion. :-) I had create a new role with the sys.console privileg. Then i add the new role to the goup with path / and it works :)
  13. Clone Template -> Permission Check failed (/, Sys.Console) (403)

    Hi Proxmox Community, we have an enviroment with about 300 pupils in an education enviroment. Every pupil have a own ressource pool with Administrator permission. Every pupil is member of a group. The group have PVEDatastoreUser on every /storage/<STORAGE>. The group have also PVEVMAdmin...
  14. [SOLVED] Cluster Storage and Migration

    I can not believe it! It's that simple :-) I was almost sure that it was something very simple, since everything is available in every video. I watched videos and read documentaries for hours. I thought I was too stupid... Thank you!!!!!
  15. [SOLVED] Cluster Storage and Migration

    thanks for the link to the source (diff) very interesting, but i'm not good enough to understand exacatliy what happens :-)


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