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  1. Full mesh network using Batman protocol

    Thank you I have not seen it. But please note again that batman is: - full mesh (rtsp is "only" tree based) so - fault tolerant with fast recovery (as rtsp) The only missing feature in batman is mtu 9000.
  2. Unresponsive VM during backups

    After reading this thread I should suggest to do the opposite: NEVER limit the bandwidth and put ssd disks on backup server!
  3. VMs freezing and unreachable when backup server is slow

    Problem is that, even if you have a 10g connection to PBS but PBS disks are slow, you have the same problem!
  4. VMs freezing and unreachable when backup server is slow

    First I want to thank you. It is years that I have several vm slowness problems during backup. I have read many many many threads of people with same problems and we lost many days to understand where the problem is and now you finally showed it to me. I supposed that backup was done in the...
  5. Full mesh network using Batman protocol

    Ok I have checked and I see that unfortunately mtu is locked to 1500. So I have tried vxlan but I have discovered a big problem: vxlan is not fault tolerant! Batman does a full mesh, so if I detach a cable between two servers batman routes (at level 2) packets to other path and so all three...
  6. API for backup checking

    I need that: And I suppose many people need this. If you want to monitor several proxmox installations using zabbix or nagios and you want a graph of backup duration and a trigger failed/ok. Sorry I meant: can YOU officially backport new features of pvesh in old proxmoxs?
  7. API for backup checking

    Hello, I am interested too in this thread. I have written also in this thread: In the backup email that proxmox sends even in "old" versions (5, 6...) there are all informations you need to put in a monitoring solution like zabbix or nagios. Unfortunately...
  8. Zabbix template/plugin to monitor various backup activities on Proxmox

    Meanwhile I have found: this and this They are for nagios but they could be added to zabbix
  9. Zabbix template/plugin to monitor various backup activities on Proxmox

    Hello, I have almost the same problem: - monitoring backups in pve; - monitoring backups made with pbs; - monitoring pbs; I have tried several solutions (started with pve metric server) but the only pratical way is to build a custom script and to add it to zabbix. The problem is that I must be...
  10. Proxmox VE 7.1 released!

    After many reboots I have been able to reenable migration and shutdown. One of the servers was still on 5.11 perhaps it was the problem. Anyway there is a general problem of slugginesh. Please note that I use virtio-scsi on all VMs, linux and windows. I am playing with io_uring and so on but...
  11. Proxmox VE 7.1 released!

    Hi, I have just upgraded my test cluster but now disk access is incredibly slow and "migrate" "ha stop" commands have no effect. Restarted servers and ceph without improvement
  12. Full mesh network using Batman protocol

    Hi, can you please point me to some documentation to use sdn in proxmox? I think I am missing the starting point.
  13. Full mesh network using Batman protocol

    Hi all, the setup is just like in the link @vesalius has indicated. My /etc/network/interfaces (omitted boring part) is: auto eno1 iface eno1 inet manual mtu 9000 auto eno2 iface eno2 inet manual mtu 9000 auto eno3 iface eno3 inet manual mtu 9000 auto eno4 iface eno4 inet...
  14. Full mesh network using Batman protocol

    Yes infact actually I have configured it manually. Yes I will check which commands I have done last year Did not know about it, two questions: - is it production stable? - is it complex to setup? Batman is more than 10 years old so it is stable, battle tested and very easy to setup.
  15. Full mesh network using Batman protocol

    Hi, Batman is an established protocol for mesh networks: batman The advantages are: - level 2 easy configuration (no need to use level 3) - the source node talks directly to destination node ( no bandwidth wasted) - very fast convergence time if a link is down


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