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  1. High CPU usage when internet usage increase

    Hello High CPU usage when internet usage increase I am using virtIO drive for virtual machine and zfs file system I am not sure if I chnaged the nic drive from virtIO or change zfs file system could help?
  2. [SOLVED] Explain proxmox Grafene

    I guess I have to use NVMe instead of SSD do you think that will help?
  3. [SOLVED] Explain proxmox Grafene

    When I do disk move for any VM then all VMs will be very slow. is it normal?
  4. [SOLVED] Explain proxmox Grafene

    My cpu wait time is always than 1%, I think that is good, right? Is there acceptable level?
  5. Disk throttling increase disk io delay and reduce cpu usage

    Hello When I set VMs disk throttle, I notice cpu usage reduce but IO delay of server increased to around 1% Is it safe and performance of VMs will not be affected
  6. suricata install

    Got it Thank you very much
  7. suricata install

    I see open sense is intrusion detection only while suricata is intrusion prevention am I right?
  8. suricata install

    Understood now Do you know any guide or youtube video then I can learn from it
  9. suricata install

    I cannot force my customer to install anything inside the VM machine. at the same time I need to prevent / block hackers
  10. suricata install

    Hello Do I need to enable firewall before install suricata? do firewall required for suricata to function?
  11. [SOLVED] Explain proxmox Grafene

    Hello Oguz That helped me Thank you
  12. Suricata IPS integration

    What I want to do is to block some IPs at datacenter lever, so I will make input policy at firewall datacenter, node and each VM level accept, I will not create any other rule then The I will create rule at datacenter level for each IP i want to block my goal not to stop any traffic for VMs I...
  13. Suricata IPS integration

    I am afraid to activate datacenter firewall then I get blocked so any advice what rule to add in datacenter level then accept everything?
  14. Suricata IPS integration

    Hello I would like to use Suricata IPS integration My question is do I need to activate proxmox firewall on the data-center level or only on the VMs level?
  15. [SOLVED] Explain proxmox Grafene

    Hello I installed proxmox monitoring using influx and I also installed dashboard from internet ( Can anyone explain this panel for me (Host cpu usage)


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