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    Framework for remote migration to cluster-external Proxmox VE hosts

    #1 sd1012:~# cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg dir: local path /var/lib/vz content vztmpl,backup,iso prune-backups keep-last=1 shared 0 zfspool: local-zfs pool rpool/data content images,rootdir sparse 1 zfspool: velociraptor pool velociraptor content images,rootdir...
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    Framework for remote migration to cluster-external Proxmox VE hosts

    Me, i have this error: remote: storage 'local-zfs' does not exist! however, local-zfs does exist on both clusters.
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    Readonly Filesystem on Proxmox 7.2-7

    Hello, I have the same problem with PVE 7.2-11.
  4. m!ka

    Proxmox VE 6.4 available

    you can detail how is the single-file restore (for KVM) ?
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    Hello, I replaced the SSD for ZFS log by "Samsung SM883 240GB 2.5in Data Center SATA 6Gbps" Seq. Read 540 MB/s Seq. Write 480 MB/s Ran. Read 97K IOPS Ran. Write 22K IOPS Not really a big improvement... Uploaded 110 chunks in 5 seconds. Time per request: 46514 microseconds...
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    @spirit indeed, the performance of the Crucial is not very good in writing: Sustained Sequential Write up to (128k transfer) 95MB/s Sustained Sequential Read up to (128k transfer) 500MB/s I read that we recommend a small capacity SSD drive, and I took the 1st small size drive that I found...
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    Hello spirit, I will reconfigure my disks in Raid10 and do some tests. For the CPU .. are you sure AES is not supported? Intel says this: Intel® AES New Instructions Yes For the SSD log, I did not see any improvement with it, and when I monitor with iostat, I do not see any activity.
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    TLS (maximal backup upload speed) │ 81.83 MB/s 81.83 MB/s * 8 = 654Mbit/s Confirmed by "nload":
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    Exactly, 2 CPUs are old, but they are only used at 11% while the transfer speed tops out at 500-600Mbit/s.
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    Hello, I just set up a 1st PBS and I have very poor performance: Uploaded 99 chunks in 5 seconds. Time per request: 51253 microseconds. TLS speed: 81.83 MB/s SHA256 speed: 188.74 MB/s Compression speed: 317.88 MB/s Decompress speed: 582.48 MB/s AES256/GCM speed: 112.44 MB/s Verify speed...
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    [TUTORIAL] how to change the VMID with ZFS

    The procedure is not complete, the firewall does not follow. mv /etc/pve/firewall/106.fw /etc/pve/firewall/104.fw pve-firewall restart
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    backup privacy

    Ok I think I figured out how to do it. I deleted the "storage0" datastore which pointed to the ZFS path "/mnt/datastore/storage0" and I created a datastore "pve1" to /mnt/datastore/storage0/pve1 and datastore "pve2" /mnt/datastore/storage0/pve2 is that the right way to go?
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    backup privacy

    I admit having thought of this possibility but the number of physical hard disks is not unlimited... I made a RAID-Z1 with 3 disks for my 1st datastore. How to make a 2nd?
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    backup privacy

    Hello, Hope this question has not been addressed yet, I checked before but found nothing. I have 2 PVE and a 1 PBS with 1 datastore. I connected 2 PVEs to the PBS. The 1st PVE is mine, the 2nd is not mine. PVE 1 sees the backups of 2. PVE 2 sees the backups of 1. Is it possible to isolate...
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    Proxmox 5.4 HA - delay ?

    I do not understand because the quorum detected my node "down" rather quickly. But the HA is really slow to launch the VM/CT on another node. I searched everywhere on the side of HA, and I do not see any modifiable value.


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