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    [TUTORIAL] One liner alias to ssh into running containers from host (linux)

    Since I got bored of having to type pct enter xxx each time, I added an alias in .bashrc : alias p='PS3=" Which VM ? " ; select vm in $(pct list | grep running | sort -n | tr -s '\'' '\'' | cut -d " " -f1,3 | tr '\'' '\'' .) ; do pct enter ${vm:0:3} ; break ; done' Now, when I press p, I am...
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    bridge-ports or bridge_ports in interfaces ?

    Hello, since this shows interfaces examples with bridge-ports bridge-stp and bridge-fd instead of bridge_ports bridge_stp and bridge_fd, I was wondering if it is equivalent or just a lame evil typo to trample beginners...
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    Request: Optional monthly backups

    +1 for monthly backup options !
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    add hostname to backup file name

    +1 for someone who still can't find the solution in ProxMox 5...
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    Redirect domain to container defined on ip+port

    Hello ! A dedicated server under proxmox 3 is hosting some containers, with 1 IP for all. Till now I was using registrar redirections to point domain names to containers domain.tld -> a.b.c.d : port and it works great for my limited need. (keep it simple when it works) Now, I have to link a...
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    Proxmox 4 : Evolve from 1 server to HA on 2 servers ?

    Well I now have my 3 servers installed with Proxmox 4, ready to set this all up... wish me luck! ;) OK, as long as it is only performance killer but not breaking things, it should be ok with the small websites Thanks for pointing that out, I found a link I will check to set it up ...
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    Proxmox 4 : Evolve from 1 server to HA on 2 servers ?

    Great, adamb, piglover ; got it ! So the best is to get 2 decent servers and a small one... A - Is it ok to use servers on 2 distant (big) data-centers ? Could latency be a problem for drbd synchronization ? B - Can I use an existing proxmox dedicated server to serve as quorum ? Does it have...
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    Proxmox 4 : Evolve from 1 server to HA on 2 servers ?

    Thanks adamb for taking the time to write back, although your post tend to leave me more puzzled than informed... Should I infer from it that the reply to my questions 1-4 is: 'Build a 3 servers cluster and then you can have HA, that is, your websites will still be accessible even if one of the...
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    Proxmox 4 : Evolve from 1 server to HA on 2 servers ?

    Hi there, I thank you a lot for your replies ! I looked back for definitions for clusters, quorum, HA ; I may have them not very clear yet, since I am quite new to this... What I really need is having a bunch of small slow paced websites in their due virtual servers (I have that part already...
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    Proxmox 4 : Evolve from 1 server to HA on 2 servers ?

    Iaorana ! Last year I installed Proxmox 3 on a cheap dedicated server and played a bit with hosting small websites on containers: I love it I feel ready to go a step beyond and setup a 'sleep well' solution involving one more robust server and one for backup/failover/HA After quite...


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