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  1. 1 NIC, two NATs with two different public ip each

    Hi i have been searching a lot and cant find anything on this I use the default config with vmbr0 and create a second bridge vmbr1 to act as a gateway to for a NATed network that works with SNAT and DNAT Is it possible in any way to add another NATed network with a different public ip on the...
  2. Connection problem noVNC (API)

    hi can you please present the solution, i also have the same problem
  3. cloud init: location of actual yaml file

    Hi I would like to take full advantage of cloud init, thus I want to modify the actual yaml file used by cloud init since not all options are exposed to the gui. What is the location of this file?
  4. Best practice to secure single hypervisor colocated

    Hi, I have just gone through and I can say IPtables is very flexible you can do a lot really! But I wonder if a properly configured IPtables is as secure as something like Pfsense or other hardware firewall
  5. Accessing VM's NoVNC from another website

    hey im also interested in this, can you share the solution?
  6. Give pfsense VM access to config file

    Hi I have a config.xml file that I need to make available to a pfsense VM during boot. How would I do it? I could create another drive but theres no obvious way as to how i would copy this file to the created drive Thank you!
  7. Email Alert at PVE web login and terminal

    and what is the relevant log file for the PVE authentication system?
  8. Email Alert at PVE web login and terminal

    what triggers the script for PVE authentication? I can trigger it if someone authenticates with PAM
  9. Email Alert at PVE web login and terminal

    I would like to send mail to root anytime any user logs in via the web dashboard or by any other way (terminal ssh etc) I would really appreciate a hint on this!!
  10. proxmox GUI for IAAS provider

    hi there, I ld love a demo!
  11. proxmox GUI for IAAS provider

    is there any alternative to the proxmox gui that could be used by a cloud provider? The current interface is perfect for sys-admins and we like it but it looks kind of dated to maintain another page for Stripe or paypal payments within the gui and generally is a bit cluttered (see the gui of...
  12. Reduce some clatter: simplifying the GUI

    been there done that :) I would also like to contribute to the project, maybe you can add my gui as an alternative. I will post this on the dev mailing list too.
  13. Reduce some clatter: simplifying the GUI

    Hey there I have been proxmox on the homelab and now convincing the company to make the switch from vmware. UX is kind of a big deciding factor for them so I have been poking around the source to reduce some of the clatter in the web manager for a more minimal UX. Can you please let me know...
  14. To keep it simple or not: let experience talk

    Hi guys, I am rolling out proxmox for my small business and im considering if the added complexity of proper HA is worth it for me since i can handle 5 min of downtime in case of hardware failure. detail: 3 servers: one of which is very old so stays powered off only as a last resort and two...


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