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  1. Windows VMs stuck on boot after Proxmox Upgrade to 7.0

    Hey There, we have this on all Windows VMs, Installed on PVE 6.x after Upgrade to 7.x and also for VMs installed on 7.x
  2. Windows VMs stuck on boot after Proxmox Upgrade to 7.0

    we have same problems, we also use Proxmox Backup Server I've testet a fresh Windows VM, Reboot no problem, made Backup with PBS, Reboot no Problem, let the VM run for a few days, VM stuck on reboot. Seems to be a problem when the VM is running some days, bot seems not te be an issue caused by...
  3. extra ip

    well, the question is, where did you buy?
  4. [SOLVED] PBS sync missing field `protected`

    Danke für die schnelle Rückmeldung. Ich hatte mich verschaut, der Quellserver war noch auf einer älteren Version.. Habe diesen nun auch auf 2.0-14 aktualisiert, jetzt funktioniert es. Danke!
  5. [SOLVED] PBS sync missing field `protected`

    HAllo zusammen, ich habe zwei PBS mit der Version 2.0-14 und ich möchte die Backups vom Einen zum Anderen synchronisieren. Der Sync schlägt mit folgender Meldung fehl: sync group vm/100 failed - missing field `protected` Kennt einer von euch hierfür eine Lösung? Danke!
  6. How to assign a whole /64 IPv6 block to a single VM (No DHCP)?

    Hey there we are using Netbox with some custom fields.. I‘m adding a new subnet in netbox and in the custom field i add the MAC address of the vm a small Script in our Router reads the data from the netbox and creates a Route for the subnet to the LLA of the VMs MAC address... in the VM you...
  7. [SOLVED] update 6 to 7

    Known Issues Network: Due to the updated systemd version, and for most upgrades, the newer kernel version (5.4 to 5.11), some network interfaces might change upon reboot: Some may change their name. For example, due to newly supported functions, a change from enp33s0f0 to enp33s0f0np0 could...
  8. No network connection after fresh install of Proxmox

    you have to take a look on the mac addresses and not on the interface names... usually eno1 is the correct interface
  9. Proxmox not working after adding Linux Bridge

    the apply button executes ifreload -a ifreload -a -d does the same but reports more details it does not kill any VMs...
  10. Proxmox not working after adding Linux Bridge

    yes apply does the same like ifreload... but interesting would be the output of ifreload -a -d ;-)
  11. No network connection after fresh install of Proxmox

    are you sure, that enp4s0 is the right interface? Can you try to ping an IP-address, for example
  12. Proxmox not working after adding Linux Bridge

    the config looks OK please execute ifreload -a -d after adding the bridge
  13. Problem mit Proxmox und meinem Reverseproxy (Nginx Proxy Manager)

    also ich würde empfehlen, einen nginx reverseproxy zu verwenden, ohne das ganze docker gedönse, so komplex ist das auch wieder nicht.... Certbot drauf für Letsencrypt und fertig
  14. [SOLVED] Hetzner => ProxMox => PfSense not reachable

    wenn du die von außen erreichen willst, musst du das erst per firewall Regel erlauben... Standardmäßig sind alle Firewalls nur aus dem lokalen Netzwerk erreichbar!
  15. [SOLVED] Hetzner => ProxMox => PfSense not reachable

    verwende als Config auf dem Host folgendes auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface lo inet6 loopback auto eno1 iface eno1 inet static address xx.xx.41.163 netmask gateway xx.xx.41.129 pointopoint xx.xx.41.129 iface eno1 inet6 static address...


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