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  1. Hetzner network setup help?

    you can use ISC DHCP Server
  2. Hetzner network setup help?

    hey, the debian setup is sometimes a bit strange... how did you configure the installer? you can setup a DHCP Server on your hostsystem... you can only use bridge mode on a hetzner server, if you are using single additional IPs with MAC-Addresses everything else need to be routed Setup. but...
  3. Hetzner network setup help?

    Hey there, first of all I would suggest you to change the config of eno1 auto eno1 iface eno1 inet static address gateway pointopoint iface eno1 inet6 static address 2a01:4f9:3a:1682::2/64 gateway fe80::1 if your...
  4. Share my network configuration on servers hosted by Hetzner

    Hey Matus, the difference is that Hetzner uses a Routed Network setup with MAC Binding for the IPs That mean you have to route your additional IPs via the Hosts IP. This Setup is a bit more complex but offers a lot of great features for You as a Customer and also for Hetzner examples are - HA...
  5. Guest default gw after migrating

    we are doing it like this in our datacenter auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eno1 iface eno1 address auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 address bridge-stp off bridge-fd 0 each host has a running bird instance and we have a script watching...
  6. Guest default gw after migrating

    yes, lo is loopback please tell me some more details.. IP Configuration of all three hosts? How did you configure the routing? how are the vms configured?
  7. Guest default gw after migrating

    have you tired to assign an additional ip to lo on alle three hosts and use this address as default gateway? example Host1 IP: lo IP: Host2 IP: lo IP: and than use the as default gateway for your vms
  8. New to ProxMox 2 Node Cluster

    you can use a qdevice for the quorum, disk size etc. doesn't matter are you shure, that you want to do a HA Cluster with that hardware? I suggest you to buy newer hardware (CPU, Mainboard and RAM)... Proxmox normally...
  9. New with proxmox and not able to configure vlans

    Hey, your Config seems to be ok, I would prefer to configure vlan17 untagged on the PVE port... have you tried watching the traffic vie tcpdump? you could watch vmbr0 to see if the packets are tagged correct.
  10. Proxmox IPv6 und Hetzner

    erstens sollten sich wie @Moayad geschieben hat die IPs auf den Interfaces unterscheiden, zweitens muss das Forwarding für IPv6 ebenfalls aktiviert werden sysctl -w net.ipv6.conf.all.forwarding=1
  11. [SOLVED] Simple DHCP for nodes

    you should make sure that your server is in an own VLAN, that you don't disturb other customers...
  12. Hetzner Routed Network (3 Subnets + Additional IPs) Config Check

    and make sure, that ip_forward is enabled! that must result 1 cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
  13. Hetzner Routed Network (3 Subnets + Additional IPs) Config Check

    on your client it should look like this root@test:~# ip route default via dev ens18 proto kernel onlink dev ens18 proto kernel scope link src and on your Proxmox Host root@host:~# ip route dev vmbr4 proto kernel scope link src
  14. Hetzner Routed Network (3 Subnets + Additional IPs) Config Check

    well I think there was a mistake on my first post you should use iproute2 up ip route add via dev vmbr4 scope link
  15. Hetzner Routed Network (3 Subnets + Additional IPs) Config Check

    try it like this auto vmbr4 iface vmbr4 inet static address bridge_stp off bridge_ports none bridge_fd 0 bridge_maxwait 0 up ip route add via dev vmbr4 scope link


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