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  1. CEPH - Add another node

    First of all, what version of Ceph are you running? Luminous requires the addition of manager's, etc. Quite different from "jewel".
  2. Unable to Recover Destroyed KVM

    Everything I am reading about LVM-Thin in this regard is not promising.
  3. Migration from KVM to Proxmox

    @Pourya Mehdinejad Just some extra info.
  4. Migration from KVM to Proxmox

    KVM to Proxmox VE (KVM) Just create an new VM on Proxmox VE and add the existing disk image to this new VM, set the boot order and start.
  5. Error message
  6. LVM storage 100% used

    The logical volume sits on top of the volume group. You must have a volume group before you have any logical volumes.
  7. LVM storage 100% used

    Note the size of the Volume Group "Fileserver" and the size of the Logical Volume "Data" in the case above. It allocates all the space.
  8. PVE 5.1 does not not finish ZFS Replication

    This is why it is crucial for people to pveversion -v every node.
  9. Very bad I/O on proxmox 4.4

    I would suggest you get another LSI MegaRAID SAS 9271-4i and switch it out to test. The configuration information is kept on the disks. Make sure the firmware is the same.
  10. Very bad I/O on proxmox 4.4

    Your buffered reads are incredibly bad on that device (/dev/dm0) as are your seek times. Do you have another controller handy?
  11. Ceph vs GlusterFS

    When you get this set up and tested, please let us know the results. Everything about this interesting subject is too old.
  12. [SOLVED] Proxmox Upgrade Failed from 5.0 to 5.1
  13. [SOLVED] Proxmox Upgrade Failed from 5.0 to 5.1

    apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade
  14. Very high IO Delay on any load

    The cloud servers with any realistic storage capacity cost a bloody fortune. Get a test VM from Azure and you will see what I mean. We use a CloudberryLabs client to backup our data to Amazon S3, but that is cheap by comparison. Not everyone has millions of dollars to spend and Proxmox works...
  15. Clone Windows 10 PRO VM with PVE 5 The process is basically the same.


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