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  1. PBS Backup a MacBook?

    +1 for the Mac client, install with command line isn't an issue as Proxmox admins are already used to it
  2. [SOLVED] Firewall not working

    I answer to myself, the reason it was not working was very stupid but there is a box to check in the hardware section to activate the firewall... I never saw it because at the time I created the VM it was not existing... (yes it's long time ago) Anyway, everything works as it's supposed to now...
  3. [SOLVED] Firewall not working

    Hello I also try for the first time the firewall fonction in Proxmox, until now I was making iptables scripts... Well it seems to work as expected for the node and even for LXC Container but no luck for Qemu VM... I tried to restart the services, the tested guests and even the full host but no...
  4. Proxmox LXC container with dead ssh service

    worked for me too with ubuntu guest, it was starting but with the default config (port 22) and after I restarted the service my config was taken into account, well thanks to your little command systemctl disable ssh.socket; systemctl enable ssh.service it now works perfectly! thanks
  5. [SOLVED] LXC - Connection refused on multiple ports

    I answer to myself, thanks to the command pct config CTID I could see that there where a firewall activated by default so I just added a rule for the port I needed and that works
  6. [SOLVED] LXC - Connection refused on multiple ports

    Hello, that's cool for you that you found the answer but that would be even more cool if you could share how you solved it with the community... Thank you for your answer
  7. HEALTH_ERR with BlueStore

    Hello, I have the same issue... - 3 pve cluster with same hardware - CEPH with 3 OSD (2 HHD and 1 SSD) - System installed on another ssd (zfs) - I only have 32GB of RAM in these servers and they are using around 70% of it and swapping a little bit even with swappiness at 0 (the issue seems to...
  8. Proxmox VE ZFS replication manager released (pve-zsync)

    Hi, Yes that is exactly what i meant Best Regards,
  9. Proxmox VE ZFS replication manager released (pve-zsync)

    Hi Andy77, I am sorry, I finally haven't developed the script in question, anyway, with the new gui zfs sync, even if I had developed this script, it would be obsolete... If you are looking forward this kind of information, you will have to find how to interrogate the gui sync process which...
  10. PVE 5.1: KVM broken on old CPUs

    Hello Same issue here, with also an old Dell PowerEdge but it was working correctly before this kernel upgrade... As Fabian says, latest released kernel ("4.13.8-2-pve") doesn't fix the KVM not loading correctly issue... Thanks for the temporary fix ...
  11. Default creation ceph storage feature make unused disks appear for each VM

    OK thank you very much for you efficiency and how fast you are ! May I ask a last question ? If I want to patch my system with your code, could let me know how to do it ? If you don't have time to explain, I will look forward by myself but at least can you tell me if you recommend not to do so...
  12. Default creation ceph storage feature make unused disks appear for each VM

    I was thinking it's was a bug cause I suppose, the function search all object that match the vmid and as the object (disk-xxxx-x) is systematically present two times if we the same pools for vm & ct, it is normal that it appears as unused... And indeed, the detection algorithm should exclude...
  13. Default creation ceph storage feature make unused disks appear for each VM

    Hi everyone ! I already answered to a few thread, but this is the first time that I create a new on my own so sorry if I'm not in the good section, I searched a lot in the forum and didn't found a similar subject, again, sorry if there is one I didn't found... I set up a PVE CEPH cluster...
  14. Using ZFS Snapshots on rpool/ROOT/pve-1?

    In fact, it works !! Yeahhh I'm so happy, I now have a way to easily restaure any snapshoted version of the OS in any kind of situation, in less than 15 minutes (thanks to OVH installer and live network rescue system...) In case someone interested, I paste my little procedure I made for myself...


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