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  1. Proxmox Backup Server (beta)

    If I plan on continuing to use my local NFS storage array to store all my server backups, do you think it makes sense to run the backup server on one of my Proxmox server nodes to reduce local network traffic? I haven't read all the documentation yet, but in my setup would the server just be a...
  2. LZO vs ZSTD

    I performed a backup test on a 20GB LXC to compare the newly added ZSTD with LZO ( I used 'Mode: Stop' for both): LZO ZSTD INFO: Total bytes written: 6240829440 (5.9GiB, 100MiB/s) INFO: archive file size: 2.80GB INFO: Finished Backup of VM 8114 (00:01:14) INFO: Total bytes written...
  3. /etc/vzdump.conf parameter remove: <boolean> (default = 1)

    Bug 2745 - /etc/vzdump.conf parameter 'remove: <boolean> (default = 1)' does not work
  4. /etc/vzdump.conf parameter remove: <boolean> (default = 1)

    When using the 'Backup now' feature in the Container GUI, the following parameter in /etc/vzdump.conf does not work: remove: <boolean> (default = 1) Remove old backup files if there are more than maxfiles backup files. I have the parameter set to 'remove: 1' If the set max files is reached...
  5. Parameter verification failed. (400) Error

    I tested again and the error only happens when the 'CPU limit' parameter is changed while the container is running. There is no error when the 'Cores' parameter is changed while the container is running...
  6. Parameter verification failed. (400) Error

    Thanks for your response. I look forward to this patch being made available :)
  7. Parameter verification failed. (400) Error

    Seeing this error since upgrading to 6.2 when I try to change CPU resources while Container is running. I have to stop container, change CPU and restart. I didn't have any problem changing CPU resources with 6.1.... Package Versions: proxmox-ve: 6.2-1 (running kernel: 5.4.34-1-pve)...
  8. missing snippets in backups

    Is there up to date info on snippets and hook scripts located? Have tried using this resource, but arguments passed aren't matching... Would be nice to have a detailed and thorough reference so snippets and hook scripts...
  9. Restart Mode Migration of Containers

    Is there a way to limit snippets to certain functions? For example I have a hook script set up to run when doing backups and I have a snippet I want to run when migrating a CT. My problem is that both the backup hook script and the snippet run when doing a backup. Is there a way to limit the...
  10. Restart Mode Migration of Containers

    Thanks, Snippets ending up being the solution I was looking for to be able to stop a process in my containers before migrating them.
  11. Change the defaults for 'Backup Now'

    I tried this and it still used snapshot as default...
  12. Restart Mode Migration of Containers

    Is there a way to use a hook script with Restart Mode Migration of Containers like can be done with backups? I need to properly shut down a running process before Container is stopped.
  13. Choosing Drives that are calculated for GUI at Datacenter/Summary/Resources

    Greetings, I can't find the gear you are referring to fix the Storage calcualted for the graphic display for 'Datacenter/Summary/Resources'? Wolfgang said in a different post: Hi, you can set what storages are included the calculation. Click on the gear and then you can select the storages...
  14. Run a script residing in a container using 'pct exe'

    Problem solved, just had to add rpc user/password to command...


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