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  1. smartd daemon error after rebuild raid

    Hi all, i have every day following message from promxmox daemon: I have also change HDD in storage ( they are on a LSI Controller) on this slot and wait to rebuild was ready. HDD is back online and rebuilded, but message comes every day after, what can i do here to fix it? megacli show online...
  2. swap on node full but ram 90% free

    ok, also i do add it in /etc/sysctl.conf and it was static, thanks for you good help. best regards
  3. swap on node full but ram 90% free

    ok sysctl vm.swappiness=10 is this static or temp. only to reboot? regards
  4. swap on node full but ram 90% free

    ok thanks, do we set it only as new entry in /etc/sysctl.conf save or do we must reboot server? or do you have a option without server reboot? regards
  5. swap on node full but ram 90% free

    hi yes it stay on 60, you mean also we set is smaller to have swap faster free? any empirical values? regards
  6. swap on node full but ram 90% free

    hi all, on node we have 100% full swap but ram is >=90% free, what can we do here, restart of swap is not a option, why is swap full and ram free, why dotn clean swap automatical here? any ideas? regards
  7. Console und @-zeichen

    hi, same issue again, for exsample @ do not working in olast ff version.... any fixes? regards sorry,. ist ja deutsch :) selber fehler erneut in neuster ff version und letzte proxmox version. @ geht wieder nicht. eine idee? mfg
  8. cant open console, get error message

    good news. i have found the problem, after a upgrade know_host key in /root/.ssh and /etc/ssh/ was different, i have clean it and after i add again it works back fine. best regards and thanks for your help @Chris
  9. cant open console, get error message

    hi @Chris and others, i have test it, i have use a sshd_conf of a working node and use it on a node, thats don´t work, restart ssh service, but error are the same. login to console does not work as user/admin. error in syslog are the same. any ideas? hope you or anyone can help here. regards...
  10. cant open console, get error message

    ok i do check it and make test with a other working config, but chec before different to a working, i send you feedback later. regards
  11. cant open console, get error message

    hi @Chris, yes, if i login as root, it works fine, as admin/user come the error in console. i haven´t change nothing, only reboot node that has error. version are the same on nodes and cluster. yes rights are correct, well only 2 nodes have this problem, all other nodes i can conenct to console...
  12. cant open console, get error message

    Hi chris, i have test again, i can connect from cluster to nodes and from nodes to cluster with ssh <nodename/clustername> directly. but console bring error, what can i do to debug it and get correct error? i have test again, login as root over ndoe-ip, here i can start console normal without...
  13. rrdcached error

    We have uninstall ntp and activate i hope it help. regards
  14. rrdcached error

    hi, i found error intry for rrd cache, on all nodes and on cluster is ntp server installed and time is correct. how can we fix this problem? best regards Jan 30 21:21:09 pegasus rrdcached[1179]: queue_thread_main: rrd_update_r (/var/lib/rrdcached/db/pve2-vm/5135) failed with status -1...


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