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  1. cluster crash with unknown reason. logs attached

    I tried to give all the logs without expose some of our internal (info ip\mac), this is just occurs again today, ill try to investigate it further . what i don't understand why a network issue (if it is the case )trigger a server reboot, and moreover reboot of most of the cluster
  2. cluster crash with unknown reason. logs attached

    We dont have anything special, or DC is online without issues and was up when the error occurred. and it was running for around a month (i upgraded v6.4->v7 and rebooted each host) we faced something like this few month ago due to power failure, it took few days to the system to stabilize (had...
  3. cluster crash with unknown reason. logs attached

    I have checked the switch for errors there was none (all nodes connected to the same switch) The only thing i was able to think about is that there was some load\freezee on the switch( but there was noting special logged ), i am waiting for some hardware in order to migrate the corosync ring...
  4. cluster crash with unknown reason. logs attached

    For some reason most of the cluster is crashed (servers rebooted) it became stable after the reboot but there was a small downtime . i tried to find the reason in the loges but i could not understand what caused it here are the logs of the cluster from one of the nodes that was not rebooted (on...
  5. backup entire cluster

    I am in a process to automate offline backup (will be based on weekly drive change connected via usb3 to one of the proxmox server) my goal is to make offline backup to be stored on secure location offsite (most of our IP is stored in the same server room ) I have already set up already have...
  6. Adding second corosync ring best practice

    We upgraded the proxmox to 7. with latest ceph. and almost everything back to normal.. Currently our main network is the same network with the corosync and consists of 11 nodes, (4 of them with ceph) We plan to double the server count in the near future and i thinking of moving the corosync...
  7. random proxmox crash after upgrade to proxmox 7

    i found the problem that cased the random reboots chrony service was not installed on any of the upgraded proxmox servers, i had to manually install it on all of them. since then there is no random crash, but there image from the post above still bothers me, some servers are out of sync with...
  8. random proxmox crash after upgrade to proxmox 7

    i found this? look at first and last lrm can it be the reason?
  9. lxc with docker have issues on proxmox 7 (aufs failed: driver not supported)

    added nesting 1. rebooted and still not working: dockerd -D INFO[2021-10-13T13:16:34.123990881Z] Starting up DEBU[2021-10-13T13:16:34.124551737Z] Listener created for HTTP on unix (/var/run/docker.sock) DEBU[2021-10-13T13:16:34.125297020Z] Golang's threads...
  10. random proxmox crash after upgrade to proxmox 7

    i upgraded entire cluster from proxmox 6.4 -> 7 with Ceph Nautilus->Octopus->Pacific the problem: we few centos 7 lxc that we cannot upgrade to 8. i used the workaround from one of the (post in this forum) and added systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=0 to the grub. i applied it to two hosts in...
  11. lxc with docker have issues on proxmox 7 (aufs failed: driver not supported)

    Well, is 'aufs' loaded on the host kernel (lsmod)? Have you tried with overlay2? No lxc host is ubuntu 18.04 arch: amd64 cores: 16 cpulimit: 4 hostname: docker1 memory: 8192 net0: name=eth0,bridge=vmbr0,gw=xxxxxxxxx.254,hwaddr=xxxxxx,ip=xxxxxxxx/22,type=veth onboot: 1 ostype: ubuntu rootfs...
  12. Unified cgroup v2 layout Upgrade warning PVE 6.4 to 7.0

    have simmiler issue: i tried to do it, but the centos lxc dont have access internet
  13. lxc with docker have issues on proxmox 7 (aufs failed: driver not supported)

    after long upgrade of proxmox and ceph this is the ouput of dockerd -D: DEBU[2021-10-12T12:59:20.229834269Z] [graphdriver] priority list: [btrfs zfs overlay2 aufs overlay devicemapper vfs] ERRO[2021-10-12T12:59:20.230967397Z] AUFS was not found in /proc/filesystems storage-driver=aufs...
  14. [SOLVED] proxmox ceph ( Nautilus to Octopus) upgrade issue

    update: after upgrade to proxmox 7 it solved and after updating ceph to 16(pacific) it still works
  15. [SOLVED] proxmox ceph ( Nautilus to Octopus) upgrade issue

    As part of upgrading to proxmox 7 i done the folling steps: upgraded all nodes to latest 6.4-13 rebooting everything upgrading cepth to Octopus , based on ( after running ( ceph osd pool set POOLNAME pg_autoscale_mode on) on a pool it...


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