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  1. Filesystem, storage configuration request

    Thank you for the link. As about virtualization upon windows server you mean hyper-v?
  2. Filesystem, storage configuration request

    @sb-jw this time you ve been very thorough and points about possible failures taken. Too bad for your client, As for external backup storage, depends if i can convince my boss for extra costs. Your set up is clearly build upon HA (High Avaliability) as I see it. But how come and you ve chosen...
  3. Filesystem, storage configuration request

    Hm yes and no. If it fails it isnt going to write anything . Most probably it will output an error message (I hope ahah) But then again, if not, so you re right at the first point. But the old backup isnt accessed nor by the system if I had the backup hdds inside nor by the nas (I f I used one)...
  4. Filesystem, storage configuration request

    You mean as an OS file system? With what kind of storage, ssd's or hdd's? Just remembered why I wanted to use only ssd's because then there would be no strong reason for using 2 more ssd's for Zil and L2ARC even though using the same ssd for both OS and Zil seems kinds stretchy for the wear...
  5. Filesystem, storage configuration request

    First of all thank you for taking the time answering me . HW-Raid is the least concerns me right now first because I know about ZFS limitation-not working well in general and second because raid cards have life cycle themselves and are getting too hot (If I was to use though a hw-raid card...
  6. Filesystem, storage configuration request

    Hi Once more I need a little guidance since I have read so many wiki,guides,propositions and I am still at zero in the matter of proper installation according to my needs Still I am unable to decide which file system would be suitable for OS. Since I ll need your advice on that it would...
  7. Creating storage..... configuring

    Thank you for your answer but in exactly be above post I wrote exactly that. I managed to create that directory to the cli and then point it to a new added directory through gui. Also with cli had the advantage to set size (command set quotas) for the new space. That is least of the issues I m...
  8. Proxmox test drive failure in a mirror array

    Hi again (I hope at some point I get an answer/thought to issues I m dealing with. Until now almost no answers - its like I have so pro-requests, or none here is eager to help because of my sooo roockie questions). Anyway here I go again: I tried for testing purposes and before I switch on...
  9. Installing Netdata options

    Hi Upon research of which program to use for monitoring stuff (basically needed cpu temp and lm-sensors could do that easily and did) with a graphic environment I came across many and I was between Zabbix and Netdata. Finally I installed Netdata from cli so its like netdata now is embedded...
  10. Creating storage..... configuring

    Finally came across a very instructive guide and managed at least to create a zfs space and then bind it in the gui for the zpool and also gives options for setting size for the additional storage in order to have control over the procedure. Not but gui of course only by cli but who cares as...
  11. ZFS filesystem cannot store ISO's?

    By mentioning <<create local storage>> you mean from datacenter->Add storage->Directory? Only way i managed to store isos to the zpool was that butttt it auto generates a space of 6!!!!! gb by itself in a room of 1tb. Is there a better practice or another way of doing what you mention?
  12. Creating storage..... configuring

    Really none????? ..... could have a clue of how to resize a directory created and pointed to a zfs pool in order not getting errors of 99% usage upon uploading iso files? Is there another way to add in a zpool a specific space for storing isos,bacjup files etc....?
  13. Creating storage..... configuring

    Hi Since I came across many problems trying to make a simple installation of proxmox I ll try and divide the issues in different categories and make appropriate posts about them. So about storage. I try to create a space for uploading the isos since the OS is being installed in a 32gb usb...
  14. Need help set it up after a month of trying

    Not the issue because I have managed to upload the iso days before just once though Boot from cd wht? To re install it ? Already did with different options still same freeze I dis that also today..nothing happened
  15. Need help set it up after a month of trying

    Yes I mentioned that but it is for testing purposes only. Do you thing that has to do with the upload problem. Because the I/O is between the 1tb drives and the network card (not the usb stick) Thank you for taking the time to read my post . Any thoughts about any of all my other issues??


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