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  1. PVE LXC Swap is incredibly suboptimal, causes freezing

    Any news on this? It seems that there was very interresting progress now that LXC 4.0 is implemented in Proxmox. Do you think it is now safe to boot into cgroupv2 mode in production? (given that i run reasonably recent guest distros in CTs). I really need to be able to limit the swap per CT (or...
  2. Proxmox VE 6.2 released!

    Nice to hear that. What are the downsides of booting with cgroupv2 (and therefore disabling cgroupv1)? Will it break something important?
  3. Proxmox VE 6.2 released!

    Cool! Since this uses LXC 4.0, is now cgroup v2 (unified hierarchy) used? Especialy for memory controller to limit swap properly?
  4. LXC: set memory.swappiness for individual CTs

    According to some docs, the swappiness cannot completely prevent cgroup from swapping when whole system is deprived of ram. But hey. it still might be interresting idea to set lower swappiness for mission critical containers, so they stay in the RAM during the peak hours, while the...
  5. LXC: set memory.swappiness for individual CTs

    You can check the swappiness was applied to individual CT by following command: cat /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/lxc/<CTID>/memory.swappiness But i let it run over night and according to proxmox web ui, the CT has swapped 100MB, so i am not sure if something really changed...
  6. LXC: set memory.swappiness for individual CTs

    Probably can even use following line in /etc/lxc/default.conf : lxc.cgroup.memory.swappiness = 0 But i am not sure... This does not seem to be applied to proxmox CTs.
  7. LXC: set memory.swappiness for individual CTs

    OK, so i've added following line to /etc/pve/lxc/XXX.conf file: lxc.cgroup.memory.swappiness: 0 And it seems to be working. Hopefully the swap is now disabled for that CT...
  8. How can I enable snapshots on LXC Container?

    ZFS heavily trades IO performance for caching / RAM consumption. So if you have enough RAM, your IO will be even faster than before. If you don't have enough RAM, the IO will be slow and RAM occupied.
  9. LXC: set memory.swappiness for individual CTs

    Hello, according to cgroupv1 docs: It IS possible to set different swappiness value for each cgroup. How can i do this with proxmox CTs? Also: Can you please add GUI for this? This would greatly help me with swap issues caused by...
  10. How do i start all stopped CTs that have ONBOOT=1 set over ssh?

    Cool! this did the trick: pvesh create /nodes/mynode/startall I've noticed i can even do this: pvesh create /nodes/localhost/startall Is there some wildcard to apply to all nodes in cluster? Something like pvesh create /nodes/ALL/startall ?
  11. How do i start all stopped CTs that have ONBOOT=1 set over ssh?

    Hello, i often run in situation, where i have proxmox with some CTs not running (because i've stopped them). And from all these stopped CTs i want to start only those who have onboot=1 configutation while leaving the rest stopped. Is there way to do this using pct commandline?
  12. Linux Kernel 5.4 for Proxmox VE

    Maybe ZFS version changed between these kernels? You can check it eg. using modinfo zfs | head And report problems to
  13. Linux Kernel 5.4 for Proxmox VE

    Do you have link to the forum and/or some evidence comparing it with earlier kernels which don't have this problem?
  14. Linux Kernel 5.4 for Proxmox VE

    Also these are quite usefull resources:
  15. Linux Kernel 5.4 for Proxmox VE

    I wonder if i can use wireguard inside proxmox CTs. Are there some limitations?


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