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  1. Accessing web gui from different nics/networks

    So this is what I arrived at over the weekend: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface enp3s0 inet manual iface enp4s0 inet manual auto enp6s0 allow-vmbr2 enp6s0 iface enp6s0 inet manual ovs_type OVSPort ovs_bridge vmbr2 auto vlan1 allow-vmbr2 vlan1 iface vlan1 inet...
  2. Accessing web gui from different nics/networks

    Alright. So, it didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped. I created a bridge with no ip like so: auto vmbr3 iface vmbr3 inet manual bridge-port none bridge-stp off bridge-fd 0 I tried attaching it via the gui did not work. Proxmox yelled at me because it there was...
  3. Accessing web gui from different nics/networks

    Holy crap! That could work! It's so obvious now... I've been racking my brain monkeying around with OVS, vlans and Proxmox's native firewall... I completely over thought it. Attaching the bridge to the pfSense VM in the VM config is what I totally forgot about. I could not figure out how to get...
  4. Accessing web gui from different nics/networks

    That's pretty similar to what I currently have setup and it works well, but what I am trying to do is have my "emergency port" and be able to access the Proxmox web gui from behind pfSense. I really appreciate the advice!
  5. Accessing web gui from different nics/networks

    Good morning! I am attempting to setup proxmox web gui access on two separate interfaces/networks. I have 3 nics. Two are dedicated to pfsense (wan/lan) and the other is supposed to be for emergency access in the event pfsense goes belly up. The nic interfaces are as follows: - enp3s0 - proxmox...


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