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  1. GPU passthrough | IOMMU not present

    Also, this is happening. The error log is growing up so fast, it is actually ending up using entire disk space.
  2. GPU passthrough | IOMMU not present

    When I start the KALI VM on the console this is the output. Also the VM takes a lot of time (3 minutes) here I am not experienced enough to make sense of these. Please can someone help me to figure out the actual issue. then I do get this on the console Also while this is going on on the...
  3. GPU passthrough | IOMMU not present

    Here is the output IOMMU group 0 00:00.0 Host bridge [0600]: Intel Corporation 8th Gen Core Processor Host Bridge/DRAM Registers [8086:3ec2] (rev 07) IOMMU group 1 00:01.0 PCI bridge [0604]: Intel Corporation Skylake PCIe Controller (x16) [8086:1901] (rev 07) IOMMU group 1 01:00.0 VGA...
  4. GPU passthrough | IOMMU not present

    Sorry, I found out that VT-d was not enabled in the BIOS. After doing that when I boot my Kali, Nothing appears on the monitor. On the vnc window i get this error. Also how do I create a different iommu group for GPU passthrough
  5. GPU passthrough | IOMMU not present

    dmesg's output is attached as a text file. I did update-grub2 after editing the grub file. I manually rebooted after adding the blacklist.
  6. GPU passthrough | IOMMU not present

    Hi I am running Proxmox VE 6.4-6 in one of my old desktop with the following configuration. MSI Motherboard: H310M PRO-M2 (MS-7B28) Processor: Intel i5 - 8600K GPU: GeForce GT 710B I have enabled Intel VT-d from motherboard. I am running few VMs and one of them is a Kali linux box. I am...
  7. Onboard audio passthrough

    Now I am posting all my final settings and steps (working) so that others can benefit from this. 1. Here is what my grub file looks like. nano /etc/default/grub #If you change this file, run 'update-grub' afterwards to update # /boot/grub/grub.cfg. # For full documentation of the options in...
  8. PCIE passthrough

    Solved. Thank you AVW. It has been a great help. This is really appreciated. :) :) :)
  9. PCIE passthrough

    Got the issue. During boot it is asking "Press any key to boot from CD" as there are no keyboards passed through, I cant do that so it is timing out and going into UEFI shell. Can you recommend any Tutorial link for USB passthrough?
  10. PCIE passthrough

    Ok i will set it to host
  11. PCIE passthrough

    Its a UEFI issue, when i changed the cd media to point at a ubuntu.iso it worked. I do not know how to make the windows10_x64.iso boot with UEFI
  12. PCIE passthrough

    No it was in the vnc. Now I have set the display to none, changed the boot order. I am still getting the same screen, only difference is, that now this is on GPU monitor. I am using KVM64 as virtual processor. My host processor is i7 - 4790. I have gone ahead in host bios and enabled VT-D but...
  13. PCIE passthrough

    I have removed one PCIE device (nvidia audio) and it now boots into the logo. but still has an error. I think the EUFI disk is not bootable. Please can you tell whats might be causing this.
  14. PCIE passthrough

    1. I think GRUB 2. root@pmx2:~# cat /etc/pve/qemu-server/102.conf bios: ovmf boot: order=scsi0;ide2;net0 cores: 2 efidisk0: ssd-pool-pmx2:vm-102-disk-1,size=4M hostpci0: 01:00 hostpci1: 01:00 ide2: nas-global:iso/Windows10_x64.iso,media=cdrom machine: pc-q35-5.2 memory: 8196 name: win10 net0...
  15. PCIE passthrough

    Thank you for your quick response. It is much appreciated :) At 9:15 (GMP+5:30) in the morning I tried to start the Win10 VM again. Here is the output of journalctl -b 0 Jun 03 09:15:17 pmx2 pvedaemon[1107]: <root@pam> starting task UPID:pmx2:00005EF4:00449CB5:60B8504D:qmstart:102:root@pam...


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