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  1. proxmox 5.4 mixed with 5.3 firewall bug!

    HI, i am in update process of the nodes from 5.3 to 5.4. When trying to add firewall rules from the 5.4 node webinterface to an vm on a 5.3 version node the rules get never applied. Wehen i activate or deactivte the firewall the simple disappear from the gui. pve-manager/5.3-6/37b3c8df...
  2. after adding second ring adress cluster failed

    Hi, i tried to add a second ring address as described. Directly after i rbootet the first node the cluster lost communication. Maybe some problems in the second network with multicast and so on... Pvecm status says allways that the nodes are in quorum but the pmxcfs fails. Rebooting a node does...
  3. > 3000 mSec Ping and packet drops with VirtIO under load

    hi, i can confirm now that with kernel 4.4.79 the load ist a lot better! (then the actual and newet kernel from proxmox 5.0) i hope that with proxmox 5.1 the new 5.12 kernel will resolve the load problems.
  4. > 3000 mSec Ping and packet drops with VirtIO under load

    hi, yes we are also experiencing similar problems but with ide. the guest is a windows 2012 (not r2) we allways used ide drivers because virtio was slower in win2012 (NOT r2) then ide. (with windows 2012 r2 virtio is faster) after upgrading to proxmox 5 from 4.4 the io load from the hoste node...
  5. Proxmox backup speed extremely slow for VM's stored on Ceph??

    Hello, any new on this? New Quemu Version on proxmox 5? still 64KB Blocks? Our Backups now take about 4 Days for each Server ( more then 3 TB on each) and getting worse while data is growing Does anyone have some workaorund fot this? greetings Philipp
  6. replace node from 4.x with 5 (and mixing 4.x and 5 nodes?) with reinstall cluster node i can setup a new server and write all the configs back. is this possible to do this with 4.x to 5. or do the configs change? mixing proxmox 4 and 5 is possible at the moment? thanx
  7. ZFS RAID 0 with one disk

    OK. but in the GUI in proxmox5 its no clear what to use when setting up a new server
  8. ZFS RAID 0 with one disk

    Hi, i would like to use the new zfs repliaction feature in the future. So i want to install ZFS instead of ext4. As we have Proliants with hardare Rais controllers i would like to use their cache. Can i install ZFS with RAID= with only 1 Disk? Does it make sense? Thank you
  9. unique server uid

    yes i know. maybe i have to fill out all the settings in the SMBIOS tab strange because they specialliy mention that proxmox/kvm does not work. but what vmware has that kvm hasnt? see the text from their homepage: ------------------------- Cause: The problem is very likely caused by an...
  10. unique server uid

    Hello we want to install a programm on the server but it is not possible to install because it needs a unique server uid. Found this link whichs says proxmox/kvm does not support this. thank you philipp
  11. Prevent user from overwriting firewall rules

    HI, i am using latest proxmox version pve-manager/4.3-3/557191d3 I want that users can change or add their firewall rules. but not activate deactivate firewall in generall- or deactivate IP filter. with user rights: PVEVMAdmin a user can change ALL settings including IP filter which is not...
  12. Ceph VM backup and restore on PVE 4.1 very slow

    any solution to this? slow restore speed?
  13. best upgrade path fo ceph

    hi, we want to upgrade from pve 3.4 to 4.2 and from ceph firefly to hammer- jewel is not a good idea at the moment i read that the update is non trivial on the ceph homepage?? we did a pve upgrade with our test cluster. no problem. whats the best way to update ceph? directly all machines at...
  14. Proxmox 3.4 and Ceph Firefly not supported anymore? create xfs error.

    yes thats right.... its a ceph bug... before i had osd mkfs options xfs = "-f -i size = 2048" and it worked for the old servers. (and not for the newest ceph firefly) no i changed it to osd mkfs options xfs = "" and it works....
  15. Proxmox 3.4 and Ceph Firefly not supported anymore? create xfs error.

    We are using still proxmox 3.4 (we want to update in 1 month to 4) and ceph firefly. but we cannot install new osds anymore.. says: ceph4 pvedaemon[15035]: command 'ceph-disk prepare --zap-disk --fs-type xfs --cluster ceph --cluster-uuid 820e9ff3-7d60-4244-a606-0d11e96b9504 /dev/sdc' failed...


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