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    [SOLVED] Proxmox Kernel - how to enable ACPI?

    hi. please dont mind my ignorance, but what is this used for? whats the use case scenario?
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    Can't hide 'VM' status in Windows guest

    one more question, how did you do it? can you paste here your example? not working for me, its saying: "kvm: -hypervisor: invalid option start failed: QEMU exited with code 1" right after i start the VM.
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    Modify CPU Parameters

    hey. you problably getting it because you perhaps have only one GPU and Proxmox is still using it? try to add this argument "video=efifb:off" in your /etc/default/grub file and then do an update-grub eg: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet amd_iommu=on iommu=pt...
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    GPU Passthrough CPU Options

    hi guys, how are you in your lifes after 5 years? lol what does this two arguments do anyway? kvm_pv_unhalt,+kvm_pv_eoi
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    Can't hide 'VM' status in Windows guest

    hey @Asgarda thanks a lot for getting back and giving that!! Cheers
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    GPU Passthrough - not displaying boot sequence

    just checked. no luck with HDMI port either. i guess its about the card. for me, 3060 doesnt do it. but 1650 does it. strange things but it is what it is
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    GPU Passthrough - not displaying boot sequence

    hey how you doing? so i found myself having the same issue. i can confirm its about the graphics card because: it was working with my 1650 and its not working with my newly 3060 EVGA. i went back ot the 1650 just to confirm today, and it is indeed because of that. Problably if i use a...
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    Proxmox with occasional Windows gaming?

    Hey Marco. I managed to make 1 vm outputing the video to the Graphics card and to the monitor. I can help you out w/ the knowledge that i got if you want, its not that hard. Im only facing issues w/ some "glitching" on the VM itself while gaming, still finding the RCA (it could possibly be...
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    Slow VM with enabled GPU passthrough (kvm=off or hidden=1)

    hi. i also notice this (kinda) i have a Windows VM that i use for gaming, and lately i started feeling Audio and I/O glitching. Not sure if its CPU related tho. Have you managed to fix your problem? Thanks
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    [SOLVED] PCI passthrough onboard sound

    how confusing this was.. for me it was only a matter of adding the corresponding PCI device on the PxMx GUI
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    [SOLVED] Help with passing through onboard Audio card to guest.

    Hi mate. Have you solved it alread? really easy you should add pci device in your VM Hardware section and look for your own Onboard Audio device.
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    High latency in "usbport.sys" in Windows 10 Guest

    Hi. how you doing? did this two last steps solved your problem? couldn't get it. im also having this latency what will this two steps do, exactly? can you elaborate a bit more? Thanks,
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    [SOLVED] Is PCIe Passthrough supposed to work with Proxmox 7?

    hey one question @Asano, just noticed that you have the same motherboard as i have. Did you managed to make RGB Fusion working to control the motherboards lights? i guess that would not be easy at all?


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