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  1. [SOLVED] error TASK ERROR: clone failed: lvcreate on LVM

    after updating to the latest prxomox, everything is back to normal
  2. [SOLVED] error TASK ERROR: clone failed: lvcreate on LVM

    Hello! I use proxmox 7 with LVM but when I clone vm got error. " VG storage 6766 metadata on /dev/mapper/storage (521574 bytes) exceeds maximum metadata size (521472 bytes) TASK ERROR: clone failed: lvcreate 'storage/vm-3292-cloudinit' error: Failed to write VG storage." and I run create with...
  3. Failed to activate new LV on vm creation/cloning

    Can anyone fix this problem? I am also facing the same error when lab with iscsi, I'm running proxmox 7
  4. [SOLVED] backup to new datastore

    after i rebooted truenas, backup worked . thank you
  5. [SOLVED] backup to new datastore

    Hello! I error on old datastore Oct 18 15:34:18 backup proxmox-backup-proxy[977]: starting new backup on datastore 'Backup': "vm/8110/2021-10-18T08:34:17Z" Oct 18 15:34:18 backup proxmox-backup-proxy[977]: download 'index.json.blob' from previous backup. Oct 18 15:34:18 backup...
  6. move cloudinit driver without reboot VM

    Hello! I want to move cloudint driver from local storage to share storage, on webgui I not found option but when I used command it can move to new storage, but it can not delete on old storage, so when I migrate vm to new node it show error. anyone have solution to move disk cloudinit without...
  7. SDN test with Proxmox 7 can not start VM

    that is correct, thank you
  8. SDN test with Proxmox 7 can not start VM

    Hello! I want to test SDN on Proxmox 7 but I can not start VM with error no physical interface on bridge 'vnet1' kvm: -netdev type=tap,id=net0,ifname=tap102i0,script=/var/lib/qemu-server/pve-bridge,downscript=/var/lib/qemu-server/pve-bridgedown,vhost=on: network script...
  9. KVM disk resize online error (CEPH)

    Hello! when I resize on proxmox then reboot VM image on ceph object lost. is there any way to recover this lost disk, and where can i see the resize error log to see why it deletes all the vm images
  10. proxmox bakup + proxmox VE error communication failure (0)

    Hello! anyone used proxmox backup to backup proxmox VE got error error communication failure (0) for all datastore when proxmox task backup running ? on pvesm status, pbs often inactive, is there any config if inactive 1 data storage, other still connect via api
  11. Communication failure to storage in GUI

    Has anyone used proxmox backup server with the same error?
  12. Communication failure to storage in GUI

    the problem comes from the proxmox backup server, after i reboot the backup server the storage is back in normally, i don't understand why all the storage has problems
  13. Communication failure to storage in GUI

    Hey all, When I look in the interface at the storage (any of the available storage options on this node), I get a "communication failure (0)" then change to time out (all local storage and nfs). VM's running on these storage arrays are fine, it's only a GUI thing. See attachment. How can I fix...


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