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  1. Passthrough der Festplatte

    Du könntest Rsync über das Netzwerk nutzen. Mit OMV VM als rsync server der die backups entgegenimmt und auf die zweite HDD schreibt. Und im Nextcloud LXC richtest du dir dann den rsync client ein, der die Backups per Netzwerk an den Rsync Server in der OMV VM schickt. Andere Möglichkeit wäre...
  2. Passed through GPU still consuming power when the VM is not started

    Some weeks ago I also created a small Debian VM with Nvidia drivers that I could run instead of my Win VMs when I don't need to GPU. But at least with my GPU I wasn't able to measure any power drop when booting that Debian VM with PCI pasthrough. But my GPU only got a TDP of 19W, so maybe that...
  3. ZFS Questions - Moving from old school ext4 install

    That qouta was for the entire pool. But I for example usually organize my stuff in different datasets. For example one dataset just to store ISOs, one for backups, one for VMs, one for temporary files, ... ISOs for example are often very well compressible and I don't access them that often, so I...
  4. Hardware recomendation for painles update?

    That one is even an generation older (10 years old CPU) as it must be using the E5 2670v1. So not sure. It's older so less power efficient but it only got 1 CPU and not two, so you only get the idle power of one CPU. And that seller doesn`'t look very reputable. Fancy graphs and big numbers...
  5. PBS production ready? No.

    You can't really complain that a feature isn't working that isn't officially supported. You shouldn`t even use HDDs as they are lacking the required IOPS performance. It's designed for local SSD storage. And here it is working totally fine using NFS since PBS 1.0 till now with PBS 2.3.
  6. ZFS Questions - Moving from old school ext4 install

    Both will work. I would have gone with option B, because it makes it easier to manage. Each dataset is its own filesystem (so think of it like a ext4 partition), you can snapshot each dataset individually, set options for each dataset (like choosing another compression algorithm), easier monitor...
  7. Hardware recomendation for painles update?

    Sounds like normal E-ATX standards: But you will probably have to switch both CPU coolers. One is passive and needs loud fans of the case to cool it and the other one won't be quiet. But idle power consumption won't be cheap...
  8. ZFS Questions - Moving from old school ext4 install

    No, then you could either... A.) continue working with that directory and use pvesm set data1-storage --is_mountpoint /data1 or B.) create a dataset and use that instead of a folder: zfs create data1/storage
  9. ZFS Questions - Moving from old school ext4 install

    You usually don't need to mount ZFS datasets with fstab. Are you sure you used the correct mountpoint? In the screenshot you used "/data1/storage" as path for the directory storage but earlier you showed the output of zfs get compression where no dataset "storage" on the pool "data1" existed...
  10. What's the experience with using Proxmox as host for development workstations?

    You could screw a 1U KVM console on top of a 2U server on top of a 1U UPS and build your own 4U laptop with 4 GPUs and 3 USB cards: ;) I wonder if someone actually tried that.:D I tested a lot of remote desktop software over the last 2 years (VNC, RDP, SPICE, nomachine, teamviewer, ...) and...
  11. What's the experience with using Proxmox as host for development workstations?

    The biggest problem is that you probably need Workstation/Server hardware so you get enough PCIe slots that are directly connected to the CPU for PCI passthrough. Would be hard to passthrough 2 GPUs + 2 USB cards for 2 VMs with consumer hardware. So won't be cheap.
  12. NVME durch Folder2Ram schonen

    Da kann aber recht viel RAM bei draufgehen. Wenn ich z.B. überlege, dass ich da vorhin eine 4GB ISO per WebUI hochgeladen habe die dann ja auch temporär komplett im /var/tmp landet. Da wären dann gleich mal 4GB RAM weg. Logs wachsen hier auch gerne mal auf einige GBs. Wenn ich mir da die Preise...
  13. pve multiple backup plans and retention

    Ah ok. then you really should have a look at PBS. You probalby don't know how much space and time your are wasting not using it. So much faster backups. so much saved bandwidth and just a fraction of consumed space with deduplication and incremental backups.
  14. pve multiple backup plans and retention

    That is exactly what I am doing. I solved that with namespaces. One namespace for weekly stop backups and one namespace for daily snapshot backups. Each namespace can have its own retention and deduplication is datastore-wide, so you don't waste space. Works perfectly fine. I also got a third...
  15. Probleme beim durchreichen eine NVME M2 SSD (Bifurcation)

    Was genau ist das denn für eine Karte? Hat die einen Bifurication-Chip verbaut oder machst du die Bifurication über das Mainboard?


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